The bullets and all -needle refer to the formation of the hand -made process. The same 0.5mm pen can be a needle tube or a sub -warhead. But the difference in details causes the difference in use. The right in the picture: patented oval core, double ink, smooth writing!

Bullet head, as the name of the name is bullet -like shape. During the manufacturing process, a original stick was cut into a complete pen through the cutting of metal.

Its pen is slightly heavier, hard, and can be more successful. In life, we often encounter the case of a pen. The hard bullet’s pen is often written after picked it up.

It is more suitable for making thicker pens. Usually 0.5mm is more common, and the thickest can reach 1.2mm. Compared with the full -needle, the bullet’s ink is more stable.


Picture 3

The most surprising thing is that the neutral pen of the bullet is very suitable for writing. I do n’t like the baby who is a pen and wants to practice writing. You can first use a neutral pen to open the path of writing. There are two types of ordinary pen cores and quick -drying pens.

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The maximum of the full pipe pens is made of non -cutting. Before processing into a pen, it is a complete fine tube. Through the precision instrument, it plays 3 concave points in the front end of the fine tube from three directions to form a bowl of the balls.

The subsequent thin tube forms a triangular oil groove. The ink flows through the oil groove, and then the ink is brought out through the rolling of the ball to complete the writing process.

The pen avatar is also very fine, usually 0.38mm, 0.3mm, or even more thinned the nib, of course, also 0.5mm. Its pen is very light, the tip of the pen is slightly soft, and the written words are clearer than the sub -warhead. Due to its light and soft attributes, the pen tip is often bent hard or falling to the ground.

Some needle pens are unusual, and some of the needle tube pens are slightly heavy when writing. Its production process is complicated and often cost more expensive, resulting in some cheap needle pens is not so smooth to use.

Due to the lightness and softness of the circle needle, it is often not easy to write. Compared to the child warhead, it is not stable enough, and the writing is easy to fly white, which is the broken ink we often say.


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Of course, the above analysis is for reference only. Different processes have different senses of use. For different people, no matter how many slots it likes, no matter how many slots it has, it is enough to have a loving reason.

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