After decades of fully market competition in the automotive industry, the survival of the fittest, and the survival of the fittest, the best choice of the heavens, can survive and develop and grow. In addition, these decades of major cars have basically formed a relatively fixed style characteristics and core competitiveness. As the so -called radish and green vegetables have their own love, any model has its own value and significance. The requirements and conditions are even personal preferences, and then match the target vehicle, which is enough

Owner 1:

Advantages: The appearance is not beautiful. From the beginning of decision to buy a car, I have always paid attention to the cars in 35,10,000. In the end, I still choose 35. I am very satisfied with the appearance configuration.

Disadvantages: The trunk is a bit smaller

Appearance: Beautiful and atmospheric. When the car was mentioned, my colleagues looked around, saying that the car was really good and very beautiful. Make me complacent and proud. In fact, the modeling of the car produced in China is indeed a considerable progress.

Interior: The black and red match feels good, the plastic texture, the touch is okay, the leather seat, it is very comfortable. It would be better if you have more silver decoration. Multi -function steering wheel, very easy to use, domineering workbench, pretty good. The seat can be adjusted at 4 directions.


Space: The space performance is very satisfactory. The space of the front and rear rows is very large. The lack of beauty is that the trunk space is relatively small, but after the rear seats are down, they can still put some large objects.

Configuration: It feels good for CS35 within 100,000. Its space, power, appearance, and configuration can be comparable to the joint venture car. Although there are very few cars I drive, I do n’t regret buying CS35 for me.

Power: enough in the urban area, it is average when you go to the high speed

Off -road: The handling is very hand -felt, high -speed turning and ice and snow road driving is not out of control

Fuel consumption: fuel consumption is slightly high in winter

Comfort: Comfort and passability are not bad, and MPV -type car use, rear seats can be converted into bed cars

Owner 2:

Advantages: This well -known appearance is impeccable, front -faced willow leaf headlights, sexy farts plus charming waistline, and fashionable center console. This price is the leather steering wheel plus seat, and the multi -function steering wheel makes you drive without pressure. The 2560 wheelbase can have this space. It is not possible to say that 1.5 meters, 1.6 meters, 1.7 meters 1.8 meters.

Disadvantages: Sheet metal and interior workmanship needs to be improved. No matter how good the materials are, it is icing on the cake.


Appearance: The appearance is the place that attracts me the most. The lines and interior of the body are very sporty. They are small but not at the atmosphere. Friends open their mouths and ask this car to be 10,000 to 200,000, right?

Interior: Although it is hard plastic, it is well handled, there is no low sense of low, no worse than the joint venture. The taste of the new car is a bit heavy, and it is still a bit of it after half a year.

Space: 3 adults in the rear space are still sufficient

Configuration: Add 2500 to a set of navigation when buying. Essence Integrate the price in disguise. Put dad. Essence In terms of cost -effective, it is average.

Dynamics: Dynamics barely enough, this displacement is more appropriate.

Off -road: Very good, not worse than Ford

Fuel consumption: not low, don’t talk about the operating problem, I just drive it carefully, at least 8 oils

Comfort: The leather seat looks good, and it is also good to sit up. It’s just that the weather is hot now, and you still have to add a cushion. The sunroof is also a very practical configuration. Differential breath is removed, and frosting is cooled. The sound effect is enough for just listening to it, and the radio effect is good. The shark fin antenna is very high.

Advantages: good fuel consumption, combining the suburbs, 6.4L/100km in the day warm, the sky is cold at this time, rising to 6.7L/100km. In fact, I am most satisfied The folding sound is very cool, just like the Transformers are deformed, hahaha

Disadvantages: The front and rear suspension is too hard to walk. It feels similar to the van, and the tire noise is relatively large! There are too many center console hard plastic!

Appearance: stylish appearance, atmospheric, novel design, attracting attention. The lines are clear, the headlights are sharp, very good.

Interior: The overall design and materials of the interior are still middle and upstream. The cannon -type design of the instrument group is very dynamic. The design of the central control area is also reasonable. The keys can be found by reaching out. There are places to put an umbrella next to the main and auxiliary seats. This is worthy of praise. There is a small drawer of shoes under the auxiliary seat, which facilitates the female driver to put height shoes. This design is more user -friendly. Hook, convenient for the rear row staff to place clothes, which is intimate and practical.

Space: The space is large, that is, the effective space of the trunk is a bit small, especially the cover of the cover is inconvenient to use it. The soft ones are just fine.

Configuration: It feels that the same grade price should be the lowest

Power: small, the air conditioner is not accelerated on the hot day

Off -road: If you don’t control it, the electronic assistance is easy, and it feels small.

Fuel consumption: satisfied.

Comfort: Long distance, tired

Owner 3:

Advantages: For me, it is much better than the car before, wide, high, and space, and it is much more comfortable to sit in you.

Appearance: In fact, I am a purely rushing look at 35. Everyone agrees that the 35 appearance is tall enough. The most satisfying is the front face and sideways.

Interior: Generally like

Space: I can sit at random in the car at 175. Five people do not feel depressed in the family, and the trunk is a bit small, and it is still very satisfied in general.


Configuration: The cost -effective is generally very high, with 86,000 naked cars and a landing price of 100,000. The front and rear bumper and the side pedal are installed. Buying a small SUV at this price can be done in China. Because of the time and appearance, the final selection 35.

Power: 1.6 displacement. The home is pretty good. I have novice. I only opened Santana in the driving school.

Off -road: The vehicle is easy to operate, the direction is more accurate, and the gear is very clear and strong. The braking is also good, the clutch free itinerary is slightly large, just get used to it

Fuel consumption: Changan CS35’s fuel economy is average, and the fuel consumption is high. The comprehensive fuel consumption is 8 L/100km, but it is still accepted.

Comfort: Good leather

Disadvantages: There is insufficient confidence in high -speed 120, but rarely 120, so don’t worry about this, I tell me this way. The sound insulation is not satisfactory, and the tire noise accounts for a part, but the engine sound is not small. In general, it is not a big problem.

Is the suspension of Changan CS35Plus too hard? Is it very expensive? The owner said the advantages and disadvantages

Owner 2: