Answer the master English major, and took the Catti three exams in the second half of the 19th year, and passed it once. Although it is a colleague, because our school still has another other

Translation majors, and my major belongs to the direction of English literature, so there are very few translation courses, which is considered a little bit.


Everyone can see from the score that I am not a great god, but I think the method is similar, depending on how much you can do.

This will be from

Exam content, examination forms (the machine test that everyone pays more attention to) and the preparation method

In the three aspects, the zero foundation prepares three CATTI.

1. Exam content

Simply put:


It is a familiar single, finishing, and reading, all of which are selected questions (I am very friendly for me who are extremely rejected by composition). These questions should be big since childhood;


One English translation Han, one Chinese translation, 50 points each.

2. Examination form

Catti has been fully implemented since the second half of 2019

Machine test

, Paper -free writing test. I happened to take the exam in the second half of the 19th year. The advantage of the machine test is that there is no need to worry about the problem of rolling scores. If you are not too slow to type, you can also save time than your own writing, so you still have time to look back. If you are the first time you take the CATTI machine test, you must pay attention:


Input method: The input method of the test computer does not have the association function and the spelling check function.

Someone must think that the words can’t remember or go wrong to correct the input method.





In the morning, you cannot bring a dictionary. In the afternoon, you can bring English translations and one of the Chinese dictionary.


, Punctuation symbol:

Pay attention to the switching of Chinese punctuation symbols,

Get the space manually behind the English punctuation





If you are close to you, don’t forget to wear glasses, otherwise you will experience the feeling of blind fighting in the second half of the exam like me. It really can’t afford to hurt the computer screen for several hours, so don’t play at noon break. The mobile phone is on the phone. It is also good to find a place or watch the tree next to the test room.


Third, preparation method

Please remember the following principles before talking about the specific method. It will run through the entire test process:


Greedy and chewing


(Don’t want to memorize hundreds of words a day or practice more than a dozen translations)


Completion is more important than perfect.

(The effect of a roughly brushing a word book is better than you only memorize the first chapter.)

The specific methods and the required information are as follows

Comprehensive translation:

Back word:

Catti’s comprehensive vocabulary is close to the eight levels. If you are a student and have passed the four, then you can directly carry the vocabulary of the eight vocabulary. If you are a non -British student and have passed the four or sixth level, then you will memorize the words in the order of the specialty. In short

According to your existing word level, advance to eight to eight

Choose according to your own preferences

Word app

Or New Oriental, Star Fire, Huayan these old names

Paper Word Book

Noth. No matter how much time is left, it is recommended that you 1-2 units a day. If you are afraid of more than a month, you don’t think about memorizing it for hundreds of days a day.


How much can you remember according to the rhythm you can digest.

Pen translation practice:

The book I recommend is

Twelve days of Wufeng, 90 days of Red Book and Han Gang


, The learning order is to master general translation skills -practical training

Introduction: Wufeng Twelve Days 宝Cobes

Whether you have to prepare for the CATTI or turn a masterpiece, Wufeng is very suitable for zero -based translation entry for twelve days. It is recommended to find a 12 -day supporting video and book.

Summarize general translation methods and principles

To sum up, there are a few pages of paper.

this is

China Daily

Needless to say, the authority of the translation dictionary is authoritative. The content covers the fields of politics, economy, science and technology, culture, ecology, etc. It is applicable to both universal or Catti exams. It is particularly helpful for the official government report translation.

this stage

No need to do a lot of exercises

Understand each translation example of Wu Feng, summarize the method, and carry more red treasure books. You can understand the translation preliminary understanding. (Wufeng’s video is a bit old -fashioned, don’t care too much about the clarity, the nonsense place is driven.)

Advanced: Hangang 90 days 韩 Government official document translation

This book is slightly difficult, but it is very suitable for the Catti test, and there are also supporting videos, but you can’t see it. The point is to enter the practical stage. Translate it yourself, and then compare the answer. The translation is not a mechanized formula. Even if it is different from the reference answer, it cannot indicate that you are not as good as it. The point is

Look at the translation ideas and skills provided in the analysis

It is necessary to consolidate the previous translation method and learn according to different types of text summary skills and some common expressions. Political topics can be found online in addition to books

Two sessions and government work reports

The official translation is printed and studied. Each type of text is regular and can be found.

PS: Many experience stickers say that the official set of textbooks is useless. I just bought it in case of it, but I only made the first part, so there is no reference value, especially the official comprehensive textbook is too low, and I did not do it. Necess.

The three strokes are the stepping stalls in the translation industry. The difficulty is not as great as you think, but you can’t get fishing for two days for three days.

It doesn’t matter how much it is over time. What is important is to stick to words every day and do translation exercises every day.