The “square head” boots, which have been hot in 2018, are mainly divided into round square heads and diamond -shaped square heads.

Compared with the pointed head, there is a little retro and elegant, but there is less sharp and domineering temperament, which is much better than pointed.

But they have something in common, that is, the position of the toes is recessed, and then extended to the toe, so as to create a “C” effect.


It has the effect of optimizing the lines of the feet, which is high and appropriate.

Then let’s share the styles of a few “square heads” boots. Maybe there are types you like ~

Square boot

[Belt buckle gray blue square head boots]


In the season of the season, the shoes have followed the trend, and they have been updated. So what shoes should I wear in autumn and winter?


If you don’t think about it, you may wish to take a look at this “square head” gray -blue short boot!

髦 Very high -level and fashionable Feel. The design of the belt buckle looks capable and has a little handsomeness with a little British style, and it is also sexy.

The style of the short boots cleverly reveals a little ankle, a little sexy mind, with the design of the round square head, making your feet look much longer and comfortable.

显 This is even more visually high. The high -heeled soles, coupled with nine -point small pants, must be a must -have for short girls!

Light -mouth rice white square head boots

[Light -mouth rice white square head boots]

靴 靴 靴 ► ► ► is the most temperament, both gentle and ladylike.


The shallow design of 的 boots can modify the foot lines of the feet, making you thin and beautiful.

The design of the skin noodles, high -level upper grade, who wears beauty, with diamond -shaped square head design, wearing more comfortable and fashionable than pointed.

设计 With a high -heeled design, with black super shorts, you can wear it at random to make you look high! thin! nice!

Balmly matte square head boots

[Triven matte square head boots]

色 I don’t know when the color element is so hot, it is even more common on the street.

磨 This contrasting matte square head boots, the upper is khaki -color+wine red contrasting design, colliding with a gentle and enthusiastic temperament.

有 The fabric is also very interested. The combination of scrub and leather surface instantly becomes a retro and fashionable competition.


The design of the diamond -shaped square head+cat heel is more comfortable and feminine when walking.

种 Especially with various skirts, show your graceful posture.

装 With various pants, you have a little more fashionable look, how to wear it is beautiful ~

Khaki scrubbing square head boots

[Khaki matte square head boots]

一 A retro and elegant khaki scrubel head boots.

The design of the khaki color+scrub, the simple shoes that were simple, a little more retro, very simple and atmospheric style.

风 Whether it is street wind or retro style.

The design of the round square head, the intimate thick heel design, the design of the round square head, optimizing the curve of the legs, looks thin and long, apparently tall.

想要 If you want to look and look good in autumn and winter, such a pair of fashionable boots are fine.

Do you like the above styles?

If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t rush to turn off this article! Intersection Intersection


We haven’t entered today’s theme protagonist! Intersection Intersection

Let’s take a look at this, “Fangtou fine high -heeled boots”!

Short boots

✦ Short Boot Explanation 说


S brand: kisscat kiss cat

► Fabric: cloth


革 皮: Pig Skin

皮 ►: Pig Skin

Toe -toe: Xiao Fang head

Shoe sole: rubber

High shoe height: 8.5cm

7 Shoes width: 7.75cm

High shoe tube high: 14cm


✦ Short boots details 细


革 Advanced cashmere leather fluffy, texture patent leather, soft and delicate leather.

透 Comfortable and skin -friendly, good breathability, showing fashion beauty.

Sexy high -heeled design, not tired for a long time, add more fashion to the shoes, sexy legs long.

设计 The classic fashionable square head design, outstanding temperament, is even more aura.

✦ Size comparison table 码

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ 洁 洁


I am afraid of wearing a high -heeled shoes, because I always feel that I will accidentally fall down one day!

I don’t know if there are little fans who occasionally have such hallucinations like me, hahaha

That’s it for today’s recommendation sharing ~

I hope such good things are recommended to help little fans!


Then see you next time! ~