Hardware stamping processing characteristics and advantages-Haoxin Precision Polishing Polish Processing Manufacturers

Compared with other processing methods, the cold stamping processing in the hardware stamping has many advantages in terms of technical or economic effects. Let’s take a look at it: Let’s take a look:


1. Cold stress is a processing method with high efficiency (that is, high productivity) low consumption (that is, high material utilization rate).

2. Easy to crafts, and the process is convenient for mechanization and automation.

3. Simple operation and easy to organize production. Under large quantities of production conditions, the cost of stamping parts is low.


4. Under the simple stamping of the pressure machine, you can obtain a variety of complicated parts and products that are difficult to process with other processing processes.

5. The stamped product parts generally do not need to be processed for further mechanical processing. Has high size accuracy. If some special measures are taken


Size accuracy can also be improved to process precision parts.

6. Pouring parts have good interchangeability. The stability of stamping processing is better.


7. Because the stamping parts are mostly used, the surface quality is better, which is promoted for subsequent surface treatment processes (such as electroplating, spray paint, etc.)

Convenient conditions.

8. Pouring processing can obtain parts with high intensity, rigidity, and light weight under the incomplete situation.

Advantages of stamping processing:

① Good interchangeability

② Thin -wall, light weight, light weight, good rigidity, high surface quality, and complex shapes that are unable to make or difficult to make in other processing methods

③ Energy saving, saving

④ High efficiency

⑤ Easy to operate and the technical level of the operator is not high

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