What food categories are there in 2020? One of the answers is meals. No, in the Chinese market, a new international “player” has now ushered in.

Cosmetic food has noticed that a few days ago, Pepsi released its first meal replacement product of its Guiger brand on the official WeChat. When replying to the snack agency inquiries,


Pepsi China said that this is the first time that the company sells food replacement products in the Chinese market, also known as “there will be more areas and more products will be launched in the future.”

It is understood that in addition to the sales of the new products of this Guige Dai Dai milk, in addition to the sales of many mainstream e -commerce platforms, it also sells through social e -commerce channels. Seeing the official channels of Guige today,

Starting in late April this year, Pepsi China has launched a low -key “Pepsi Group Guige Partner Plan” and passed Guig Mall as a sales platform, which also means that it officially entered social e -commerce business.

In addition to Guige’s products at the “leading array” at Guige Mall, there is also a grain mill that received about 900 million yuan in Pepsi company last year.

Dining market


As a “top card” in the field of snacks and nutritional foods, it is not surprising that Guerg, which has a variety of oatmeal products, enters the meal replacement market, but this meal replacement named “Card Control” was the first time. The form of popular bottle brewing.

Small eclipse was seen in the official flagship store of Guerge that there were four flavors of this meal replacement milk. After discounting, the price was 129 yuan, which was similar to the price of bubbles for bottle -brewing milk for bottles such as WonderLab and SMEAL brands.

Pepsi shows to the snack representation that the above -mentioned meal substitute milk used to use young white -collar women with demand for healthy lifestyles to choose the consumption scenario of daily meals. The use of portable bottle brewing is based on meeting consumers’ needs for fast use.

When it comes to the reasons why Guige entered the meal replacement market, it also pointed out that this is based on the company’s insight into the segmentation of Chinese consumers in product demand and scene refinement. The official product introduction shows that “card control” is suitable for various scenarios such as light exercise, travel, lighting, and overtime fast supply.

“The potential of the meal replacement market is huge, and it is the development direction of the future diet.”

The company also said,

This new product, as the world’s first scientific meal nutrition product under Guerge, is developed by Pepsi Global Products. It is also a “meal replacement fan that meets national standards”


“Tests conducted by the Institute of Nutrition and Health of the Chinese Nutrition Society and the Beijing Nutrition Source Research Institute showed that it helps to be full for 4 hours.”

“Partner Plan”

The “Card -Control” meal replacement was also one of the main products of the Guiger brand in the newly opened social e -commerce channel. Small food was seen today at Guerg Mall. At present, the limited -time discount price of 6 bottles of this meal replacement milk was lower after discounting at the official flagship store. At the same time, it also proposed “high commission” as a selling point.


Although Pepsi has not commented on the progress and planning of social e -commerce business today, it only stated that the company is one of the first multinational companies to see the potential of Chinese e -commerce development.

“It has already invested in establishing this convenient and popular channel and the cultivation of related capabilities.”

However, through the Guige Mall Mini Program and its “Pepsi Guige Club” public account, it can still roughly understand some of the company’s current social e -commerce gameplay.

Seeing snacks, Pepsi

Officially released the “Guige Partner Recruitment Order”

And one by one, it enumerates several advantages in social e -commerce, including providing rich content products to partners, “sales drainage” with the help of big brand effects, and also providing partners with training such as distribution knowledge.

According to the content of the above recruitment order, after becoming a partner of Guerge, you can directly place an order to choose to distribute the product at Guige Mall, and obtain relevant returns by sharing the information of the circle of friends or the purchase link.

In addition, Pepsi has pioneered social e -commerce to choose a local company as a partner. Seeing that the above -mentioned public account of the “Pepsi Kuai Club” public account is Shanghai Heyin Network Technology Co., Ltd. According to the latter’s official website information, the company is also a partner of the Pepsi Food WeChat Public Mall.

Grain mill

It is worth noting,

Seeing the snacks, the products currently sold in Guige Mall, in addition to the past milk replacement and a Guerge sugar -free grain powder from Taiwan, also have more products from grain mills, including collagen, including collagen, Peptide fruit beverages, Chenpi rose tea and anteee cakes.

The “same frame” on the social e -commerce platform on the social e -commerce platform may mean that Pepsi, as the second shareholder of the grain mill, is accelerating the collaboration between the two.

In fact, since Last year, Pepsi spent about 900 million yuan to acquire a 26%stake in the grain grinding house, how the two parties will start the business in business have attracted much attention in the industry. But so far, I have not seen a detailed idea of ​​the official level of Pepsi or grain mills about the cooperation and cooperation between the two parties.

The snack generation has introduced that Gui Changqing, the founder of the grain mill, told investors last September that Pepsi’s investment in grain mill is by no means a pure financial investment.

It also means that future cooperation will be the cooperation of full -value chains, including all aspects such as omnidirectional channels, catering special channels, innovative product portfolios, manufacturing and management.

Later, at the end of last year, Pepsi sent a non -executive director who was an experienced executive of e -commerce as a grain mill, which was regarded as a measure for Pepsi to support the latter in e -commerce channels.

According to the 2019 financial report of the grain mill, as of December 31 last year, it sold RMB 322 million in the e -commerce platform, an increase of 34.6%from the same period in 2018. The company also looks forward to it that in the future, it will continue to strengthen existing sales channels, actively explore new channels, and continue to strengthen fan operations.

In the next step, Pepsi and grain mills have to be observed in terms of social e -commerce and other aspects.