Leading text/and forest

Leading audio/Yu Yan (Anhui Chizhou)

“Only reading can the more you can write.” Hello everyone, this is [Read more, read 10 pages of extracurricular books every day], I am a reader XXX, I ask you in xxxx (your city). We read the 13th section 13 of “Charlotte’s Network” today. In the new week, we also wish our lives and study: “progress is smooth!”

After one night of hard work, Charlotte’s “great” words appeared neatly in the center of its network. Early in the morning, Wilber got up, stood under the net with spirit, breathing the fresh air in the morning. In this scene, Lavi, who came to send breakfast to Wilbur. Another miracle appeared.

Levi immediately called Mr. Juckerman. Mr. Juckerman quickly called Mrs. Juckerman. Mrs. Juckerman immediately called Mr. Alabul and his wife. They all stood in front of Juàn, looked up at the spider web, and read the words “great” over and over again. At this time, Wilber really felt amazing, stood quietly, raised his chest, shook the pig’s nose over and shook over. Look at the words on the spider web, and then look at the beautiful Wilbur, Zhu Keman thought happily: “What a great pig I have!”


The news spread again. Those who had seen “ace pigs” at the beginning came back to see that Wilbur, who has now become “amazing”. Even those famous journalists and photographers came.

In the afternoon, Tempton took the lively (Tàng) garbage dump while Chèn was lively, and he returned a lot of paper pieces with text, but none of them were satisfied with Charlotte. Running around many times made the mouse bored. Looking back at the food in winter, think about it yesterday, and help find a piece of paper with paper, it goes out again.

This time, Tempton brought back a soap box. There is a line of advertising text on the box: “Don’t lose the opportunity, take action, you can use your glory.” Charlotte and Tempton studied these texts together, and felt very good, ready to be used next time.

Wilber, who was excited for a day, felt tired, but still couldn’t sleep. Charlotte told Wilber two stories and sang another song. Wait until the singing, Wilber has already fallen asleep.

Fun stood up, walked out of the barn, and walked towards the home. In the night, everything became so quiet and sweet, everything entered a sweet dream hometown …