Some people in this world have said “Men’s 80% is the stockings”


(I: Who ???)

So what kinds of people have to give you some souvenirs today?

There are several precautions before the start of start

First of all, I will divide the stockings into practical classes and taste.


Finally, I will only explain the kind, the color this kind of color, I don’t talk about it ~


For everyone, don’t give my girlfriend, the practical stockings

So I am still roughly talking about the D number of stockings.


The larger D number, the thicker stockings, the more warm it. The smaller D number, the more transparent and more transparent, theoretically, theoretically, more comfortable.

As for what weather wearing any D number stockings, I really don’t say, because every place is climate change, each person’s cold resistance is different, and you can refer to this chart below.


Practical class

According to the production materials, stockings can be divided into

Nylon stockings (cheap and smooth, cool, but easy to be stink)


Crystal stockings (good transparency but feel in general)

Glass stockings (transparency is better)

Core stockings (elastic hand sense but easy to damage)

Velvet stockings (elasticity, more transparency, slightly affordable)

Leva stockings (tensile comfortable price is expensive)

Tar stockings (breathable comfortable elasticity)

Combed cotton stockings (anti-odor breathable comfort)

Silk cotton stockings (not easy to wrinkle, gloss is good)

These files, and these do not personally wear experiences

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According to the length, the stockings can be divided into



Legs socks

Phase socks (middle stockings)



Punish socks (false knee / stockings)

Note: “The thigh is transparent, the knees are shown in black, the same as the lattice, and there is not too exposed” and he essentially belongs to the pantyhose, saying simple point, the upper part (close to the thigh) is skin color The lower half is another color, which causes the sister to wear the knee / stockings. This stockings are mainly modified in the foot. It is mainly to expose a part of the foot. The benefits are good, greatly reduced. The probability of stink is because the extensibility of the stockings will be better, and it will be more appearance of the legs, but the foot may be discomfort.

Stepping socks / open toe socks

Let’s follow the rest and everyone you want to see.

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