In the past few days, I have been mentioned in the winter, and I have to be greedy in the bed in the morning. After getting up, I have to rub for a long time. How to wear it for a long time. The coat is selected, but it can be changed in the inside, so how can I put it in the inside? Today, I took the younger sisters to see the knitted woven dresses, and used it to make it inside.

1: Rice white knitted dress.

The charm of knitted dresses is that when you can all be used all year round, you can do hollow in summer. It is used for outer parts. Spring and autumn can be worn alone. It can be used in the winter. It is not easy to have a sense of design, most of which are slim or straight, and what we want is the more unique part.

Of course, it is not recommended. The regular knitted skirt is more suitable for versatile, but if you bring a little design, it will be better. Whether it is a single wear or inner match and outside, it will look better. The knitted dress is not easy It is not like a sweater. It will be a little bit or less, but in fact, good sweaters will not have hair.


We often say that a few costs and one point, but ignore the effect of the brand. In many cases, it requires luck. For example, the items from the same manufacturer are labeled with two labels. A high price is placed in a better position. The so -called labels are given prices, so between authenticity and imitation, whoever has a good process is right, and pursue quality and low price.


Of course, the design is not easy and supports the original brand, but because the design is not easy, please show the best design effect to the public, instead of making originals, but the clothing fabric is completely worth the design, so the original label, except for the more, but also the more, in addition to more It’s a bit more expensive, and it is also the effort of waste designer.

This rice white knitted dress is divided into two parts: upper and lower parts. The upper part is cut off from the waist, the lower part grows straight to the knee down, and there is a V -shaped design at the upper part of the lapel, which is equipped with a collaboration design. Increasing beauty, the waist is also cut off. The lower part is obliquely span design. The buttons go from the left to the right, highlighting the good figure and matureness at the same time.


2: Brown straight knitted camisole skirt.

In fact, brown is a relatively mature color. I usually like white, gray or khaki. Although these three types of colors are popular, it will be easier to match, and the brown is relatively brighter. Or it is not easy to make feelings, but it will be better like dark brown.

The design of this brown knitted camisole also takes into account the problem of the waist, so the overall is not very loose. This combined with a purple knitted coat, it completely covers the exposed part. Small and fresh, but brown purple will be slightly mature and elegant.


3: Khaki color suit dress.


The suit dress is actually a very good choice as a single wear. Because of this, the young ladies and sisters can try the knitted dress, and can make other matching. The young lady who is not very good at is also the gospel.

In fact, good dressing has nothing to do with the brand. It is only related to the design sense, materials, and cutting of a piece of clothing. If you are interested, you may wish to design a dress yourself, buy materials for yourself, and pursue the brand. May wish to put your heart on your clothes, as long as you match it properly, it is not the best brand!

The khaki knitted dress is also a very common color for us. Compared with other colors, this tone is not a warm tone or a cold tone. It is relatively peaceful and easy to show skin tone. Try this color lightly.


This khaki suit dress is divided into inside and outside. The inside is mainly a khaki slim skirt. The high -necked part can extend the neck perfectly, and the whole body is protected.


This is used to match the coat. You can uniform color, use the khaki color coat, and the same ones can also be matched with light tones, such as light brown, orange, light gray, etc. And orange will be warmer, and it also makes the overall match look fresh.

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