A few days ago, in a studio in Shaxi Town, Zhongshan City, Chen Shaojun, is busy creating a simple nail nail 1.2 m × 1.2 m – on a red wooden board, taking thousand nails Dictionarity, wrap it into a “blessing” with a 1 km gold wire.

Teachers and students join hands with the “blessing” word simple nail painting, not unrest. However, when Chen Shaojun abandoned the silk, only the nail tun nail is painted, and it has been quickly popular on the Internet. A topic of “90,000 nails to the Song Dynasty” of the art teacher “, at Sina Weibo reads up to 140 million, this is the nail painting of Chen Shaojun” Autumn River Fish Sataling “.

“If you use a brush, complete a picture with a traditional method, may not pay so much. But use a rare novel form to spread, it will become very attractive.” Chen Shaojun believes that nail painting is more in line with the spread of information age Features, interpreting traditional culture in novel forms, may bring unexpected effects.

In a few months, someone tested him with relevant works. I hope he will carry out nail painting teaching courses online; some team seek cooperation, and propose to help Chen Shaojun operate exclusive short video platform. But Chen Shao will refuse one by one.

He wanted to create excellent works, more than 30 meters long “Qingming Shanghe Tu” nail painting has been discharged from this year’s schedule.


Nail painting how to present a bright and dark relationship

In this ten-square-meter studio, there are few nails.

From the “Tractor Head”, “Jeans” and other common things, to “Zhongnan Mountain” “Li Lanjuan” “Sun Yat-sen” “Kobe” and other character portraits are made up of these nails.


At first, Chen Shao was created with a nail, and the work was considered, and the steel nails and even copper nails were changed. He introduced that a box of 15 yuan in a box of 5,000 nails, while steel nails or copper nails are 45 yuan only 1150 nails. Counting, a nail painting, basically need to spend tens of thousands or even 10,000 nails, the cost of the nail is thousands of yuan.

The difficulty of nail paintings is that it is necessary to accurately judge the shadow relationship. Chen Shao will generally refer to the photo paintings, which part is dark, which part is bright, doing there is a number in your heart. As bright, the nail is not too much, the dark side, the nail is not nailed and dense, or the nail color is deeper. After the nail, he will walk away from the picture effect, and the picture is taken while the screen is taken.

When the light is illuminated on the nail, the shadow is generated, and the nail painting also considers the effect of the light and shadow mapping in the painting. Chen Shao will adjust the high and low of the hammer to ensure that some pictures have more “clean and bright”. In addition to having a powerful art base, there must be a certain woodworking skill.

There is also a danger of nail nails. The nail is small, the staple is high, and the nail may have a rebound when the nail is nail, and the eye or face will be injured. Every time Chen Shaojun creates a goggle.


Under the recommendations of some art enthusiasts, Chen Shao has been trying to create color nails and regarded it as a difficult upgrade challenge, a new breakthrough. He pointed to the Saxophone painted by himself, using two colors of copper nails and steel nails, achieving a richer rendering effect.

What did Chen Shao did not expect that the nail painted painted exemplary is exempted abroad. British artist Marcus Levine has made a group of works with nails. When these works are like a touch of pencil painting, sometimes the strong charcoal painting, including horses, ballet dancers, etc. South Korean female artist Ran Hwang is good at creating an intricate and artistic work of work with simple props. Nail tools for red, blue, yellow, etc., turning into a nail painting such as Ao Xueki under her hand.


Weibo over 100 million reads have given him confidence

“Zhongnan Mountain” nails short video playback volume exceeded 38 million, “Qiujiang fishing map” nail paintings microblogging reading amount up to 140 million … These data have determined Chen Shaojun’s belief with nail painting creation.

In March 2020, Chen Shaojun’s “Zhongnan Mountain” portrait nail painted is placed online, and the novel artistic creation method and vivid figure image will soon attract netizens, and the work is in the short video platform. It looks over 20,800. “Carpenter being delayed by art” “Talent” “This is an artwork” … video below, there is no shortage of praise.


Chen Shaojun believes that the epidemic suddenly, Zhong Nanshan became one of the beliefs of the people to overcome the epidemic. Nail paintings have become a carrier, which is a staff member of the epidemic.

In August last year, Chen Shaojun took himself half a month, and the nail painting of 90,000 nails “Qiu Jiangfu” once again uploaded to the short video platform, the new show of the poetic painting of the Song Dynasty, causing a more enthusiastic response Many media have reported. A new form, high-defensive landscape painting, showing the beauty of traditional Chinese landscape paintings. Some netizens said: “I am not a nail, it is the artistic vision.”

Many people also recommend Chen Shaojun, using nail paintings, do more things to spread traditional culture. I feel that Chen Shaojun, which is increasingly responsible, and has also begun to create works for intangible cultural heritage projects. In 2020, in the Chunyu Show of Zhongshan Xiaolan, he created a nail painting with the theme of Shaxi’s crane dance, and was exhibited at the Chrysanthemum Exhibition. The crane dance is a kind of animal props in Zhongshan Lung Du District according to the local natural and living environment, and the source is a Ming Dynasty. He is in the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. The main movements of the crane dance include He Li Yu Yu, shuttle, playful, etc., with a white crane life attitude and the human animal dance skills, which is very folk dance characteristics. In June 2007, the crane dance was included in the second provincial-level intangible cultural heritage list. The non-legacy cultural use of nail painting “packaging” is presented, on the chrysanthemum show, many viewers stop watching, and they have been famous.

In order to make the form of the nail to spread more Chinese traditional culture, Chen Shaojun recently conceived the “Qingming Shanghe Map” nail painting, which expects to take nearly 1 year, and the length may reach more than 30 meters. He is currently moving out.

He said: “Nail painting may not be called a model, but it can be a new form.” Chen Shaojun hopes that if there is a chance to use this new process, contribute to the communication of traditional culture, use new Craft art, “nail” out of cultural brand name.


Try nails with students

Chen Shaojun chose to paint with nails and is not accidental.


At the pictience primary school of Chen Shaojun, all the art communities teaching all the common “simple nails” – first on the wooden board, draw simple outline, then bypass the pattern with different colors, Cultivate students’ ability to move.

After graduating from Shaoguan College in 2009, Chen Shaojun has been teaching art in elementary school. At school, 30 to 40 minutes after school every Tuesday, Warsi, Chen Shaojun taught children to make simple nails.

In 2019, Chen Shaojun and community students participated in a crafts competition in Zhongshan, and the competition was divided into teachers and student groups, requiring entry of entities. His students use the knowledge they have learned in the community, using the simple nail nails made of nails and lines to obtain the second prize of the student group. He himself chose to create a “Sun Yat-sen” portrait of “Sun Yat-sen” portrait work and won the first prize of Teacher Group. This is the first nail painting of Chen Shao.


At present, Chen Shao will create more than 20 nail paintings, mainly in characters, animals, national defense, landscape paintings, and some of their own life items are also involved. He said: “Many people are confused, why do I notice a rotten tractor head, draw it into a nail painting? But I think, what is interesting work is not necessarily from what big thing, sometimes I feel interesting in life. Things, I will create. “

“Video fire, know more people who are painted, pay more attention to me. I have been a model teacher in some student’s heart in school.” Chen Shaojun said, today his students saw him on TV, will Very happy: “This is Chen Teacher who teaches me art.” Many students also ran to his association between the courses, specializing in his creation of nails.

The enthusiasm of the students’ paintings also become high. The creation of the nail painting needs to be patient and persisted. Even if it is a simple nail painting, the students sit down is half a hour, and you can exercise the patience and care of the elementary school students.

Chen Shao hopes that he can influence students through good works and positive spirits, let them learn more new artistic art forms, promote China’s traditional culture. At present, Chen Shaojun’s students also tried to learn nail paintings. He hoped that after the number of works in their work and students, they can jointly organize exhibitions, show new process forms in art education.

After being concerned, the nail painted became a sign of the school. Chen Shaojun felt a bigger responsibility, “In the past, most people didn’t have to pay too much attention to art, music, sports, etc. Painting is possible to become a characteristic of Zhongshan Shaxi art education. Relevant departments suggested that the nail painting team of Xiangjiao primary school will be formed, and then the art teacher of other schools will come through the scriptures, let this art in Shaxi more school promotion. In this regard, Chen Shaojun said that if I can communicate with the relevant departments, I will actively explore the inheritance and promotion of nail paintings.

[Written] Southern Daily reporter Liao Bingying

[Photography] Southern Daily Reporter Ye Zhiwen

[Coordination] He Xuefeng

[Author] Liao Bingying; Ye Zhiwen

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