On December 20, the Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision Bureau recently notified 59 batches of random inspections of unqualified food, nominated for a batch of “Wequan Obeel” produced by Hangzhou Weiquan Food Co., Ltd. The disable the fragrance alcohol is disabled, and the preliminary inspection and re -inspection are unqualified.

In full side, it responded on December 20 that the reason for the unqualified product involved may be that the 3 -segment milk powder production line was produced by a section of milk powder. At present, the company has removed the 1 -stage milk powder on the entire line.

1 batch of Obeel milk powder detects the fragrance

The report shows that the “Weiquan Obeel” baby formula produced by Hangzhou Weiquan Biotech Food Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Weiquan Biotech Food”) produced by “Wequan Food”) /8/9), the test value of ethyllaxin is 103.5 μg, and the standard specifications shall not be used. Weiquan Biotech Food raised objection to the test results and applied for re -inspection, and re -inspection maintained the conclusion of the preliminary inspection.

According to the regulatory authorities, Chanlanin has the aroma and strong milk flavor of vanchida, while the aroma of ethyllaxin is 3-4 times that of cottonin.

These two commonly used food additives are widely used in various perfume foods that need to increase milk aroma, especially dairy products, baked foods, beverages and edible oils.


In accordance with the requirements of the standards, cottonin and ethyllacanin will not cause health harm to the human body, but a large number of incenses can cause symptoms such as dizziness and nausea, which can cause liver and kidney damage in severe cases.

“Standards for Food Safety Standard Food Additives” stipulates that no edible flavors must be added to infant formula foods from 0 to 6 months. Large babies and children’s formula foods can be used in accordance with regulations.

Although the fragrance has no safety risk in the specified metering, because the breast milk does not contain flavors, there is no need to add flavors in the 2 and 3 infant formula milk powder. The reason why companies add fragrance are mainly to improve the sweet smell of milk powder, which is not conducive to the baby’s light taste. Consumers can check whether the fragrance ingredients are added from the product packaging ingredient table.

Today, the milk powder delivery will give you a comprehensive evaluation of this milk powder to see if it is worth buying?

brand history


Weiquan Obeel Milk Powder is a product of Hangzhou Weiquan Biotech Food Co., Ltd. It belongs to Dingxin International Group. Weiquan Company was established in Taiwan in 1953. In 1960, it merged with Weiquan Dairy Co., Ltd. Ai Shijia, Obeel, and Merraier series are registered through infant formula milk powder formulas.

Milk source


The milk sources of Weiquan Obeel come from the country, and the raw materials include: skimmed milk powder, salted milk milk powder, that is, the production of large bags of powder, and the freshness of milk powder is relatively average.


In addition, it is worth noting that palm oil is added in the whole paragraph of Obey milk powder, and malt paste, white sugar, and ethyl incense are added in the second and third sections.

Nutrition formula

We won’t say much about basic formulas. Only 5 conventional reinforcement formulas are added, which lacks nucleotide.

In terms of characteristic enhanced formula, Weiquan Obeel only adds CPP, that is, casein phosphate peptide, CPP is a mineral elemental activated peptide obtained by is separated and purified by protease hydrolysis, which helps calcium to calcium absorb. However, the content is relatively average, only 37mg/100g.



With reference to the price of the Jingdong platform, the price of the full section of Obey is: 338 yuan/900g, and the unit price is about: 0.375 yuan/g.

Summary of this issue

In general, the amount of DHA added in the whole paragraph of Obey is ideal, especially the two or three segments, all reached 0.3%. A sufficient amount of DHA helps the baby’s brain and retinal development.

However, this milk powder is added with palm oil in the entire paragraph. The second and third sections are also added with malt paste, white sugar, and ethyl. For consumers with sensitive ingredients, this milk powder is not very good s Choice.

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