Curtains are soft decorations commonly used in our lives. It not only plays a role in regulating indoor light, but also makes our interior decoration more elegant. Now many families prefer to purchase crystal curtains. Crystal curtains are brought to our home life with our home life. Come to the fantasy and noble sense, which has won the love of many young people at the moment. Today, let Xiaobian take you to understand how to purchase the crystal curtains and the latest quotation of crystal curtains.

How to buy crystal curtains

水晶窗帘如何选购 水晶窗帘最新报价

Natural crystals are mainly used on jewelry, ranging from a few dollars per gram to hundreds of yuan, and a bracelet of hundreds to thousands of yuan.

水晶窗帘如何选购 水晶窗帘最新报价

Crystal curtains are mainly artificial crystals called crystal glass (the chemical components of glass and natural crystal are silicon dioxide, chemical molecular SIO2, artificial crystal adds trace lead can make the reflector better transparency, it is called high -end crystal material K9 material K9 material ) And other materials, ceramics.

Acrylic Plastic (sometimes also known as crystal) discerning method:

1. Acrylic can be burned

水晶窗帘如何选购 水晶窗帘最新报价

2. It is prone to traces with a knife.

水晶窗帘如何选购 水晶窗帘最新报价

3. For the same size, acrylic weight is much lighter than crystal. ) It is different. The ceramics can be painted, which is suitable for close viewing. The acrylic plastic curtain is the most similar to our crystal curtains. The color is more rich in shape. But she does not have the beautiful luster and brightness of our crystal curtains, especially the longer the time, the darker. The refraction and emission effect of the crystal on the light makes the crystal curtains more and more popular. In the use of real design, the two materials are often matched with each other, and the advantages of length and shortcomings are complementary to achieve the perfect effect of indoor decoration!

Crystal curtain latest offer

Sophia Crystal Bead Curtain Curtain finished arched curtain Crystal Crystal Gourd Living Room Crystal Calls Crusher Arched Curtain 118 yuan

Beautiful Shuangjue Crystal Bead Curtain Curtain Curtain Close Curtain Living Room Porch bathroom bedroom hanging curtain European finished products 108 yuan

Sophia Crystal Bead Curtain Crystal Partition Curtain Porch new curtain finished curtain shoe cabinet line hanging curtain 347 yuan

水晶窗帘如何选购 水晶窗帘最新报价

Feng Shui bead curtain Classic bead curtain finished bedroom bedroom curtain crystal partition curtain living room curtain 73 yuan

After reading this article about how the crystal curtains and the latest quotation of crystal curtains, I hope to help your work and study.