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The Internet players who are accustomed to young leek have wielded the sickle towards the elderly.

Recently, Fu Daqiang, who is over half of the year, spent a lot of money to meet the app. Fu Daqiang told Phoenix Network Technology that after seeing the advertising content of “Come and chatting a few times, there are beautiful women who actively ask you to chat”, they registered to encounter an account, but I did not expect to send each of them on this software to send each one on this software Words require money.

There are many middle -aged and elderly people who have been induced to pay by Fu Daqiang’s friends app. Earlier, the Lizhou Court concluded a social APP fraud case. The company involved in the case was to screen single men around 50 years old through social APP, packaging the salesperson into a widowed woman chatting with them, and then seduced these men to the live broadcast room to pay for money. Just scammed more than 400,000 yuan.

The guise of “making friends” is a common way for some social apps to set up the money of middle -aged and elderly people. In the past two years, with the further popularization of smart devices, online dating communities and wedding love APPs created by the elderly have emerged endlessly. There are many software that are full of chaos such as paid recharge, vulgar advertisements, and induction downloads.

What is the routine of the friends who have paid attention to the old and elderly people?

Compared with the younger generation who has long been exposed to the Internet, the silver -haired family who has a deep touch of the net has a deeper interest in the virtual network world, and even the elderly are obsessed with it. In the context of mobile Internet traffic, some Internet companies began to fight the idea of ​​the elderly in order to gain increment.

Under the temptation of traffic and money, some apps began to hunt the elderly. Among them, there are software -killing dating software specifically prepared for single elderly people, some information communities that rely on vulgar content bloggers, and software that induce the elderly to invest in financial management with false information.

Phoenix.com’s technology found that just opening a application store with “elderly people” as the keyword for retrieval, you can appear ten, middle -aged and elderly life, chain old life, old -time, red pine, dad, Cao Xin and other ten. Many middle -aged and elderly community platforms involve type information, dating, pensions, etc.

(Figure: The retrieval page of the keyword of the application store is “Elderly” as the keyword.)


Among them, there are the largest number of middle -aged and elderly friends and marriage apps, and some APPs have problems such as induced payment and vulgar information.


After the Phoenix.com technology experience, it was found that some apps such as coming and Xianqu Island and other apps under the banner of “strict review of dating objects, real and reliable information”. In fact, as long as you enter the mobile phone number, you can register. Neither information such as income, age, etc. are not verified.

In addition to the lack of review, platforms such as encountering and Xianqu Island are also accused of the problem of inducing the elderly to pay.

The 44 -year -old programmer Wang Zhen told Phoenix.com that after he was registered for the APP registration account as a male, he would have a lot of “beauty” to talk to him even if he did not upload information such as avatars and careers.


But he later discovered that he was set up when he wanted to chat with a woman. Even if only one word is issued, the system will pop up the charging information: “The message charges 8 gold coins/bar, the message is free after paying attention to each other, and the gold coin will be refunded if the other party does not reply for 2 hours.”

(Figure: Come to meet the app to talk to the gold coin charges.)

At first, Wang Zhen thought it was just setting up this chat object, but then he found that chatting with other women also had to charge.

He told Phoenix Network Technology that he could also set up a fee, but no matter how much the woman sent him, he did not receive gold coins. “Chatting is to charge money. You can buy 42 gold coins at 6 yuan, 98 you can buy 686, and it will be more than a dozen for two minutes.”


The APP of Xianfu Island and Middle -aged and Elderly Life has the problem of recharge membership fees for chatting. There is a blind date corner of Xianqu Island platform. The user has to increase the relationship with the interested object to increase the relationship, and the flower fees are required to send flowers. However, chatting in this blind date does not need to pay.

On the elderly life app, you need to register a member first to chat with the opposite sex. The membership fee is 128 yuan a month. Regarding this situation, every time the company behind the middle -aged and elderly life, Hangzhou’s science and technology staff responded to Phoenix Network Technology that because the platform has a blind date service, customers need to recharge members who want to actively chat, and passive chats do not need.

(Figure: Middle -aged and elderly life app prompts recharge members to chat.)

Most of the married women are married women, and they earn thousands of yuan a day

This type of APP, known as “real dating, quickly getting off the single”, provides a variety of choices for many funeral and single middle -aged and elderly men, but there are also many hidden routines. Many female blind date and dating objects on many platforms are likely to be part -time married women or chatrs.

Wang Zhen, a programmer who has registered on the APP, discovered the clue. “A lot of chat objects are marked with the words of real people, which is a bit deliberate. After the exchange, they will find that the content of their speaking is almost the same, so people have to doubt whether they are real people.”

Out of curiosity, Wang Zhen also registered an account with a female identity. After registration, few men took the initiative to chat. He also unexpectedly found that the program registered an account as a female identity was more stringent than men’s identity.


Wang Zhen’s suspicion is not unreasonable. Earlier, some netizens broke the news that some dating apps recruited part -time jobs and trained the salesperson, including speaking guidance and gift unlocking skills. The training content includes “to actively chat with men, guide to add your friends, and increase intimacy. The higher the intimacy, the more gifts to reward. “

It is reported that some part -time personnel only need to simply train and chat, plus the image packaging, and some accompany chatrs can earn a thousand yuan a day.

But these have not been easily achieved. Men’s chat is required to reply to 1 yuan for voice chat and 0.0008 yuan for text chat. Under the step -by -step attraction of the chatter, these single men in the middle and elderly men recharged tens of thousands of yuan.

What’s more, the salespersons of some platforms also guided middle -aged and elderly people to transfer, buy lottery tickets, invest in financial management, and deceive large amounts of money.

Earlier, Zhengzhou, Henan, announced a case of gangs using the marriage app to fraud with middle -aged and elderly women.

According to the information published by the Sunshan Public Security Bureau, the criminal gang adds middle -aged and elderly female friends through the marriage app, and the “own daughter finds a home, and wants to buy lottery sharing”, and deceives middle -aged and elderly women to buy lottery tickets on specific websites, and cheats more than 20 funds for more than 20 funds. 10,000 yuan.

Lawyer: The platform is suspected of inducing. If the information of the chat object is unreal, it is fraud

Phoenix Technology learned that in addition to coming to meet, Xianfu Island, middle -aged and elderly lives, those who are suspected of inducing payment are single and honeymoon APPs such as the same city.

It is worth noting that the same city of single and honeymoon and other apps can not find developers, nor are they going to the application store. These two types of apps are all recommended by acquaintances or advertisements. Essence

A R & D person in Beijing told Phoenix Technology that the app recommended by such acquaintances from development and design, just want to harvest quickly, and has been walking on the edge of the law.

Regarding the paid chat situation of the existence of the dating app, Peng Haozhen, a practicing lawyer of Beijing Jingshi Law Firm, told Phoenix Network Technology that if there is an influence of the promotion of the elderly, or even guiding private transactions, it is illegal. Advertising method.


Zhao Zhao, the deputy director of Beijing Yunjia Law Firm and a legal adviser to the Credit Evaluation Center of the China Internet Association, said that if the “beauty” who actively finds users to chat is true, including the real and dating needs is real, user chat needs need First recharge to buy gold coins or buy other value -added services, this business model is not illegal. Although it is suspected of induction, as long as the marketing method is legal, its purpose is to attract consumers to buy products or services, which is not illegal.

“If the” beauty “who actively finds users to chat on the dating platform is not real, then this situation is suspected of fraud consumers.” Zhao occupied.

Phoenix Network Technology has come to meet platforms such as encountering and leisure island to call the other party. Staff behind the company behind Xianqu Island, Beijing Queening Differential Technology Co., Ltd., said that there is no induced payment; when the company comes, the company does not answer the phone.

Tianyancha information shows that the registered company is Beijing Yicheng Yunhai Technology Co., Ltd. It was established on May 25, 2020. The legal representative is Li Le. The business scope includes Internet cultural activities, Internet information services, and production of radio and television programs. Li Le is an executive director and manager of the company. Among the five companies, the five companies have another dating app and anchor live service company.

Xianqu Island Community was developed by Beijing Queening Different Technology Co., Ltd.. The information of Tianyancha shows that Beijing Invoicon Different Technology Co., Ltd. was established on May 17, 2019. The legal representative Tian Fan Jiang, the company owned, is it owned by the company?

(Figure: Equity information of Beijing Invoicon Differential Technology Co., Ltd.).)

It is worth noting that Tian Fanjiang is the chairman of the original Lily.com, the CEO of the young couple, and there are 8 companies. The fund has invested in projects such as squirrel fighting and looking for oil nets.

(Figure: Tian Fanjiang, a legal person in learning from knowledge and clearing technology Co., Ltd.)

Middle -aged and elderly Life APP is developed by Hangzhou every time of each technology Co., Ltd. It has received angel round financing. The founder of the company is Zhang Fujun. Tianyancha information shows that the company’s business business is a social and living platform for middle -aged and elderly people, mainly providing information, circles and services related to the elderly in the elderly in the middle -aged and elderly life, and suspected of violating the dispute over the communication right of information networks.