Every time the King’s Glory version is updated, the player’s most anticipated is the change of the fragmented store, and the next round of hero/skin list will be opened next Tuesday. In view of the high probability of official “new”, it will encounter high high. If you have quality skin, you must seize the opportunity to exchange, otherwise you need to go through a long waiting time after getting off!


The first thing to consider when the hero is redeemed is whether the hero is strong in the current version. If the fragments are not enough, you can also consume gold coins. If the gold coins and hero fragments are insufficient, and there is no favorite heroes on the shelves, then you can keep the new hero mirror on the line!

And the collection of skin fragments is slower than hero fragments, so everyone will give priority to cost -effectiveness when redeeming, and basically consider quality, special effects and face value. This has led to the 88 epic skin. In addition to the Prince of Star Night, Liu Chan gentleman panda, and Luban No. 7 video game, there is also a skin that recognizes high -value and high -effects in 288 skin worthy of exchanges. Modeling or special effects are very beautiful! In short, among the five skin, the video game kid, Xingye prince and Huajian dance are given priority, especially Bai Qi’s only exposed skin skin, Xingye Prince. In view of Bai Qi is about to be half red, it is necessary to prepare a new set of clothes for him!

What should I do if I see my favorite skin but cannot be redeemed because of insufficient fragments? This time, I will teach you how to use the white skin fragments through daily games. At present, the fastest way to collect skin fragments is related to dot coupons. In addition, there are five ways to get skin fragments for free:


In the friendly store in the friend system, you can redeem 1 skin fragment every 4 friendship points!

In the team store, each consumption of 10 Honorary Medal exchanges 1 skin fragment, limited to 100.

Sign in, you can get skin fragments for 7 days per week, you can get up to 3 skin fragments after opening!


The new skin interface, which can be obtained by the points or new skin drawing vouchers that can be consumed by the system, and can issue 1-2.

Glory war orders, every season, everyone can consume 100 wars to redeem 10 skin fragments.


In addition, you can also obtain it by participating in the official opening activities. So how much skin fragments do you accumulate in your friends? Welcome to leave a message for discussion!

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