In this cold winter, you can have no cashmere coat or lamb hairy jacket, but you must not lack a down jacket that keeps cold and warmth and “renewal”, especially down jackets mainly based on basic colors such as black and white and gray. The versatile and warm, of course, the premise should be properly matched.


If you have no inspiration for the time being, the reference blogger demonstration is definitely a way to quickly improve clothing. Several black and white gray down jackets, fashionable essences are all like this.

When wearing a black and white gray basic color down jacket in winter, if you want to get rid of the sense of passersby quickly, you first choose the right inside. After all, the main advantage of black and white gray down jackets is practical and classic. polish.

Although down jackets+high -necked knitted wool or knitted sweater, although it is the most basic way to wear in winter, it is very warm and comfortable, and there will not be noisy. The blue jeans and small white shoes of the lower body will be raised.

In addition to the high -necked knitted wool, sweaters are also good partners of long down jackets. When choosing a sweater color, women can choose according to the occasion, age and dress style.

If you are a young girl who prefers street trend, color or gray black and white are very good. The former is fashionable and eye -catching, and the latter is casual. For women 30 or 40 years old, gray and black sweaters can be used in winter, casual and daily.


The middle and long black down jackets are stacked with basic white T, and the black and white color matching is minimalist. It acts as a gray hooded sweater between the down jacket and the white T to add a casual atmosphere.

The black tights of the lower body connect the short boots, and the extended legs are high and thin.

When using a high -necked knitted sweater as a down jacket, you need to pay attention to whether the color matching between the inside and the outside is coordinated, such as black+white, black+black, black+camel, white+khaki or white+coffee color. The color matching is wrong, and you can’t see it wrong.

Milk white long micro -silhouette down jacket stacked with coffee color turtleneck sweater, milk coffee color thick bottom short boots echo the high -necked bottom shirt. Against the lines of micro -silhouette down jackets, black tight jeans show the lean effect of lean legs.

In addition to the inside and outside, the choice of pants is also an important factor affecting the down jacket look. If it is a black -and -white gray long down jacket, it is recommended that women can give priority to tight jeans, nine -point smoke pants or leggings, and tight legs to the inside of the outside; if it is a short down jacket, casual trousers, high -waisted jeans, smoke, smoke Tube pants or wide -leg pants are options.

White collar lattice checkered down jacket is thin and stylish, gray high -waisted trousers are casual and comfortable, and the streets are full of leisure style.

Similarly, short down jackets, although this black short down jacket is not as fresh and clean as white, it is more warm and more warm.


The black high -waist tights in the lower body lifted the waistline and extended the leg length. At the same time, it highlighted the straight and slender leg lines.


Because the long down jacket itself is more fluffy and inflated, it is best to use small foot pants on the pants to avoid procrastination and pressing. The color of the leggings can be selected according to the color of the down jacket.

The white long down jacket is stacked in the same color, and the light gray leggings are connected to white socks and white sneakers. The casual and stylish Korean Fan Er instantly came out.


For the working party that takes the light -cooked temperament route, it is definitely the first choice to use the nine -point tobacco pipes with folds. The fold design is easy to deepen the visual depth, both thin and modifying the effect of the legs, and at the same time, the suit pants meet the women’s pursuit of formal sense of formal.

The gray -white down jackets with stitching are gentle and stylish. Dark gray smoke pants and down jackets form the same color. It is simple and clean.

Whether it is casual pants, cigarette pants or wide -leg pants, the material choice needs to be given priority to the fabric with strong pendant, such as knitted fabrics or wool materials.


You can also see from these down jackets wearing a demonstration. Even the black and white gray down jackets that cannot be found in the basis can be fashionable and elegant. If you do n’t have a clue for the time being, please refer to it. Intersection

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