This year’s autumn and winter came early. I found that many friends have put on down jackets and cotton jackets. As a must -have costume in autumn and winter, the warmth of cotton jackets is really a must, but the cotton jacket is easy to show fat. When you match your choice, you must be careful when you choose a style, otherwise it is easy to lower your temperament.

The small cotton jacket style has been heard. This year’s popular cotton jacket can help you create a sense of fashion. The design sense is no weaker than the coat. Let’s continue to see it.

1. How to choose a small cotton jacket?

1. The color is bright

When you choose a small cotton jacket, try more bright colors. The following match is to learn from the popular colors this year. The blue looks comfortable and generous.


High -blue saturation is relatively high

, I don’t feel dull, it is very suitable for the concave shape of autumn and winter, it feels more fashionable and atmospheric.

At the same time, it is mature and stable, suitable for girls with dull skin, and can modify skin tone.

2. Add waist design


The importance of waist design is self -evident,

Many girls are afraid of padded jackets on their bodies

Fat and short, then everyone can try a slightly slim design

, For example, adding the waist design is the simplest way. We can highlight your small waist with the cotton jacket of the waist design. The following


Purple little cotton jacket combined with waist design is naturally generous, it is worthy of our reference.

3. Small cotton jacket longer

In fact, when choosing a small cotton jacket, you need to consider the overall version. If you want to be thin, the best way is to choose a long cotton jacket, but if you are not very tall, you still need to be cautious. After all,

Long cotton jacket is not suitable for small girls with short figures, and more suitable for tall girls

It will feel more aura when wearing it.


4, more colorful color


When you choose a small cotton jacket, you can also add some printed design. The popular cotton jacket this year is particularly rich. No matter what style of cotton jackets, you can reflect your sense of fashion. Sisters can usually have a lot of time.

Try to printed a small cotton jacket


For example, the little daisy design below is very refreshing, and it can easily show your youthful charm to match it. but

Don’t be too fancy, otherwise you will feel complicated and old -fashioned.

2. Introduction to the matching of small cotton jackets

1. Little cotton jacket + small white pants

In the autumn and winter seasons, don’t be too dull for everyone’s daily match. You can try the beautiful color blessing. The little white pants below are worth trying.

The color of the small white pants is very refreshing. With the small cotton jacket just right, it can reduce the dullness and thickness of the cotton jacket

At the same time add fog

Haze blue little cotton jacket


With matching, it is easy to show your youthful vitality, and it looks very age -reducing.

It is still more common in the autumn and winter seasons. Sisters can try it all. The contrasting color matching is the combination of different colors. We can pass it.

The basic contrasting colors are matched with small white pants, which is both fashionable and refreshing and simple.

2. Small cotton jacket + jeans


Refreshing jeans are essential items for the year and four seasons. Sisters can try tight jeans, straight jeans and wide -leg jeans, jeans are very rich, and the length is also very different.

Small cotton jackets with nine -point jeans are quite suitable. It can modify the proportion of the figure, and it can also lengthen your leg length.

Town pants with a small cotton jacket just right

Our daily match can be used with a short pants with short cotton jackets. If your skin is darker, then you can

Try the basic beige jacket

It is more comfortable to match, and it feels simple at the same time.


3. Small cotton jacket + wide -leg pants


By the way, you can try the same color matching. Tips for the same color system are suitable for daily concave shapes. At the same time, it can also highlight your good temperament. The following

Beige little cotton jacket with beige wide -leg pants can be thinner easily

Almost, and

Instead, the blessing of basic items can highlight the sense of personal high -level, and the slightly fat body is also very suitable.

It is recommended that sisters who are not good at matching in autumn and winter can start from the basic black and white.

The white down jacket will be slightly fatter than black, but the color looks more refreshing. With a small white jacket and black wide -leg pants, it can also interpret the sense of high -level, which gives people a very comfortable and generous feeling.

Tall girls can try long cotton jackets

, A little longer the cotton jacket can extend your figure, show a sense of advanced, and at the same time, it is very thin. It can hold out your long legs. It is just right with wide -leg pants. The white cotton jacket below with white wide -leg pants is just right, which can create a sense of fashion and coordination, which is worthy of reference.


The fashion sense of small cotton jackets is really good. You can refer to the above small cotton jacket concave shape in autumn and winter. Each style is worth learning from, and you can interpret your fashion sense.