The author has self -driving for years. After some places, some devices have been used in the car, such as electrical appliances, such as some self -driving tourism supplies, which are useful, and often seem to be able to use it. I want to write some feelings in this way in the future text

(Self -driving equipment series),

Provide friends with an experience that you have used, that is, bluntly introduce, “This, I have used it, easy to use, or not easy to use.”

It should be clearly explained that as soon as we drive the driver, we say that it is not authoritative. I just say that I have used the “feeling” of things, ideas, and you took it by yourself.

Therefore, a special statement before the article: The self -driving tour products written by the author are generally used by the products that have been used by themselves. Feeling, not for any family. Friends don’t worry.

Let’s talk about the cigarette lighter on the car, and I bought two more recently.


This cigarette lighter cannot actually order cigarettes. It is an export of 12 volts of electricity. I bought it and packed on the power supply panel. It adds a small inverter and the electric system is alive. These two things are useful.


Small inverter

The small inverter is a tool that can convert 12 volts on the car into 220 volts.

Some question, the author has a large inverter on the car, and there is also a cigarette lighter. Why should you repeat the installation?

The reason for this is 3000W in the big inverter, which cannot be powered at any time at any time, and it consumes great power.

The big inverter is a concentrated time working method, such as cooking, boiling water, stir -fry, soymilk, morning and dinner for specific meals, usually turn it off, and keep it continuously charging (charging with solar energy or driving), a large inverter, a large inverter, a large inverter. The device is a master who needs to wait.

In the evening, it was transformed with a large inverter to light up. After overnight, the power consumed.


Cigarette lighter, small inverter installation

The small inverter is different, below 300W, it can be used all over the weather. It supplys low -power products, mobile phones, shaving knives, charging treasures, car refrigerators, lighting, computers, etc. There is no need to consider energy consumption.


The auxiliary battery supply has no burden.


Like my friends, there is a cigarette lighter in my Chase bed cars and the cab. It has a burden of recording camera monitoring, left and right tire monitoring, and some charging devices required by the positive and co -pilot position. The main battery also needs to bear the electricity of the car and the electricity of the large and small car lights. The task is very heavy. We try not to increase the trouble of its elderly.

Author Chase bed car

The new cigarette lighter uses a secondary battery. Theoretically, the volume of the auxiliary batteries is more than the main battery. The advantage of the small inverter is that there are many sockets, which can satisfy the power supply of electrical appliances below 300W day and night of the whole car. Note that I mean, I mean

“day and night”

Essence It is very convenient, nothing is not good, so I think this thing is useful.

By the way, with the cigarette lighter, the author re -installed the lighting light on the car. The power supply is still allocated to the small inverter and the CSB interface. The original car light, too dark, I don’t need it long ago. The new light can be controlled by 15 square meters. It is a student read the lights. Inside the car, two fronts and two are used to light up at night.

New car light


Including it, the two -port cigarette lighter, small inverter, and student reading eye protection lights are about 20 yuan, and there are many varieties of all treasures.

Today, here.

Finally send a friend to a paragraph:

“Survival means changes, and changes mean maturity, and maturity means to create self tirelessly.”

The person who says this sentence is Henry Bergson, not the text of the sparse husband, thank you.

(Disclaimer: The self -driving tour products written by the author are first of all used products. )

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