Are you still distressed by can’t find the weaving tutorial?

Are you still confused about not finding a complete tutorial?

How many detours have you taken on the woven road?

Are you halfway?

What can a novice pregnant mother Baoma do some handmade time?

How do beginners learn wool cotton shoes?


How much line does a pair of cotton shoes need?

How much is the size of the size? What should I think of the drawings?

How to leave a needle, how to add needles, and how to weave the back of the wool slippers?

Where can I look at the wool shoe drawings?

What is the difference between single -line dual -line weaving?

How to put on shoes and wool cotton shoes?

Do you have a lot of question marks?

The current popular wool cotton shoes series are here, isn’t it surprising? The wool shoes actually have so many styles, no longer need to switch on multiple platforms. The original weaving tutorial can still be seen like this.

Regardless of the dual -line or single -line weaving, the overall method is generally the same. The difference is that the number of needles and needles is different. After reading all the tutorials, congratulations to you to advance into the woven expert, and the time to save will accompany the baby.


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