Fingertips light -dot CNC paper -cutting machine display, 20 cm thick 8 open paper instantaneous cutting; three monochrome printing machines on the English instructions of the insulation cup on the three monochrome printing machines constantly generated … June 14, Yongkang Zhiying The production workshop of Sanzheng Express Company, Xuadian Village, Xiamen Village, Zhenlang, is as busy as in the past, but the peace is often different. At the gate of the company, two high -altitude charged operating vehicles extended a 12 -meter -high long -armed car bucket at more than 30 degrees Celsius. Four employees of China Net Yongkang Power Supply Company wearing 6 catties of insulating gloves and shawls were wearing four -pound insulating gloves and shawls. For the first time, four joint power operations were carried out in installation, duration, switching, and load disassembly. Thousands of enterprises, villagers and schools have not stopped for a second for production of living, ensuring normal electricity consumption.


According to Xu Rui, a power operator, this comprehensive power -based operation is a difficult and high -altitude operation. The line -to -line of the line is changed to the line. Mutual cooperation, and high technical requirements for insulation protection, obstruction, and isolation, and the operation steps must be connected intact.


Yongkang Corporation conducted a detailed investigation of the operating point in advance, and formulated thorough construction measures in combination with the characteristics of the on -site characteristics and the surrounding environment. The power supply range of the rear sinking branch involves more than 10 villages, thousands of users, and two schools in Xiankan Middle School and Piba Chuan Elementary School. A total of more than 1,500 students in the two schools attended the classes. For micro -enterprises, if the conventional power outage is maintained, all 44 transformers must be controlled within 8 hours. In order to ensure the normal production and living electricity of enterprises, villagers and schools, Yongkang Company uses a power operation method to implement line transformation. After a series of pre -safety work preparations, as the arms of the carrier operating vehicle slowly rose, the operators were fully armed to conduct the work in an orderly manner, the wires of the wires, and the conductive lines. More than two hundred processes, the dangerous operation, labor intensity, etc. are doubled, and the technical requirements for personnel are also very high. Under the temperature of more than 30 degrees Celsius, the insulation service on the operator’s body is completely impermeable, humid and sullen. The physical fitness, skills, experience and psychology of personnel are a great test.

More than 10 villages, more than 20 enterprises, and the users of the streams and the streams, and the Bazukawa Elementary School all realized the dual power supply, improved the reliability of power supply, and ensured the safety operation quality and quality service level of the power grid.

He has always come, and Yongkang adheres to the principle of “can be able to bring constant” and actively carry out the power -stop operation of the distribution network. As of April, Yongkang Company carried out a total of 458 power operations, reducing the total number of households at a total of about 103612, and a total of 2719226 kWh.