Comb is one of the most common objects in our daily life. Many people only use it as a tool for combing hair, but do you know? The meaning of the combing in ancient my country is very special, and it has a special meaning to send a comb. Today, Zhou Shan Xiaobian led everyone to see the meaning of sending a comb.

In ancient my country, sending a comb, but it means that it is privately determined, and the old man means old. Because the comb is often linked to the hair, sending a combing represents all her life, and the ancient women must be combed by the family before they get married. Sun Mantang “. This represents both the wishes of the family and the meaning of sending a comb. Therefore, in many parts of my country, there are customs to give comb on Valentine’s Day.

What does it mean to send a combing

1. Multi -hair hair can promote blood circulation, soften the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, and send a comb. It means that you hope to bring you health, combing your troubles, and evacuate the heart knot.

2. Sending the comb also expresses the reluctance and wishes of loved ones. In ancient my country, the day before the wedding of women had to be combed with her loved ones, which not only represents the relatives’ reluctance to their children, but also represents the wishes of their loved ones.

3. The “Comb” “Sound” Sheng “Shu”, so the meaning of sending a comb in hopes that you can be comfortable, without trouble and unhappiness.


4. What many people don’t know is that the alias of the comb is “Shunfa”, which is a good meaning in the people, and it is smooth and fortune.


What does send girl combing?

1. Show acacia, which shows that boys are thinking about girls every day and miss girls very much.

2. Send girls comb, which means that boys hope that girls can use it to comb their hair every day. I hope to grow up with girls for a long time and grow old.

3. Comb has the meaning of fixed affection. Boys send girls comb, representing boys hope to make a lifetime with girls.


4. Boys to send girls combat and hope that love can continue.

The meaning of sending a comb