In order to safeguard road traffic safety, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of persons with disabilities, according to relevant laws and regulations, combined with the actual situation of Zizheng, this city will develop and implement the “Tianjin disabled motor wheelchair management method” on October 1. The reporter learned from the Municipal Disabled Persons’ Association, the jury review, the city released an announcement, the first batch of four brand seven models meet the review requirements, and entered the list of mobile wheelchairs in Tianjin disabled.


According to the “Measures for the Management of Motive Wheelchair in Tianjin”, the disabled motorcycle wheelchair, which has a dynamic device driven for the disabled personnel for disability. This city will implement product announcement management, city disabled joint, municipal supervision committee, municipal public security bureau, municipal ecological environment bureau, etc., jointly released product announcement, clearly selling products in this city, in line with the country Standard disabled motor wheelchair. Applicants should have the registration of motor wheelchair, and the applicant should have the city’s household registration, the age of 16 years old, and the persons with disabilities, and the lower limbs are disabled, and the upper limb function is normal, and there is no disease that hinders normally driving. As the vehicle registration authority, the public security organs accept the disabled motorcycle registration application, and the registration of the registered, acceptable registration application is issued, and the registration, not regular, and Applicants explain the reasons for registration.

According to reports, the four brands of the listing of the list of products were produced by Shanghai, Hebei, Jiangsu Enterprises. “According to the requirements, the city driving the disabled person of the disabled person, and began to gradually replace the time-out steps. In order to protect the legitimate rights and safety of the limb disabled driving ahead, safeguard the social harmony and stability, be a city The advocate of civilized traffic rules, we issued seven initiatives. “Recently, the Municipal Limited Disabled Association issued an initiative, called on the majority of motorcycle tracing drivers to comply with traffic laws and regulations, obeying traffic police commands; not red light, no Reverse, not driving on the motorway; civilized driving, gifts, pedestrians, avoiding non-motor vehicles, do not speed up, do not grab, do not drink, do not drive, do not drive to do illegal passenger operations; non-privately modified vehicles, do not transfer non-eligible Vehicle; parking is ordered, does not occupy blind road; do a good job in vehicle maintenance, do not open the road to drive on the road.