Recently, many good friends consult me ​​with the differences in the quality classification and variety of sandalwood. In order to facilitate everyone to understand the details of this wood species in time, and reduce the opportunity to take medicine for everyone, I will make a brief summary. Of course I will not talk about some of the contents of the content. Here I mainly tell you some points of knowledge that must be understood in the actual cognitive process: the main classification of the sandalwood market (according to the amount of market fullness): Dongjia Sandalwood, Laoshan Sandalwood, Johor Bahru Sandalwood, Fiji Sandalwood, etc.; The place of origin is: Tonga, India Misol, Australia, Fiji; Smell Features: Whether it is sandalwood, with the time of storage, as the time is stored, The smell will basically become mellow. Dongjia sandalwood and old sandalwood have a very close smell, but usually Dongjia sandalwood smell is acidic, and the sour taste of the old Dongjia smell that has been stored for more than ten years will fade. Not comparable, but this kind of old Dong plus the world is not much, so it will not be cheap; when the old sandalwood and Dongjia sandalwood are just cut off, the smell is pungent, and it is stored through for a long time. The smell slowly changes;

The mainstream market price changes and quotations: In the strict sense, the old mountain sandalwood is the most expensive, and the Dongjia sandalwood is second, but it cannot be generalized. Each one has the best and low -grade levels; The first so -called old sandalwood sandalwood is basically Dongjia sandalwood, because many wooden friends are the first contact, and it is difficult to make in -depth understanding. Of course, we can’t think that Dongjia sandalwood is not good. It can only be said that the behavior of selling dog meat to sell dog meat is really disrupting this wooden circle. In the end, no one knows the good things, and no one wants it; the second is the old mountain sandalwood steamed from India. After drying, it is sold to the country after drying. Strictly this kind of old sandalwood sandalwood can no longer be regarded as old mountain sandalwood. The beads made are very dry, and the taste and oilness are difficult to last. The third is pure fake goods. Made by soaking Old Sandan essential oil; the fourth type is the so -called government material. Now we know that the normal channels come in, and there are blue steel prints. This print is pressed into the wood. Because I have found that this kind of material appears, there is a blue seal, but it is not a steel seal. This kind of material is also good, but it is still necessary to distinguish it carefully when taking over. The quality distinction of old sandalwood should be considered from the aspects of fragrance, oily, density, and color.


Fragrance: Laoshan Tan actually has playability. With your storage time, his fragrance will change. The longer the time, the more mellow. Of course, after making a bead, it depends on how Muyou will raise him. It is not recommended to play, you can wear it directly. After you wear it every day, put it in a sealed container. Of course, there is sandalwood powder in the container. Since you play the fragrance, you do n’t let him produce it. Of course, you have to play with glass beads. , Do n’t be fragrant, you can also play; good old mountain sandalwood must be the material that stores for more than ten years. This kind of milk flavor will be very good, but in fact, this kind of material is very small, and the price difference will happen here here. The price of materials that have been used for more than ten years and the price of materials used in one or two years may be several times worse.


Oily: The good old mountain sandalwood should be as oily in the hand, and it will feel sticky; after making beads, if you put it for a few weeks, you will find that there will be oil traces underneath Occasionally, the good old Dongjia sandalwood will occasionally have such good materials, so don’t be tangled and origin. Since it is playing wood, as long as the wood belongs to the standard in all aspects of the wood, it is enough.

Density: For the material that puts the same time, the greater the density, the better, why is the same deposit time, because the internal water inside the new material may exceed the standard, the old material is almost running, and the density will be light, so we must have comparativeness At the same time, we have a certain level of understanding of our wooden friends, and there is a rough estimate of the dryness of the material. Of course, the density is better for the old material.

Color: Strict color, the longer the storage, the darker the color, because with the loss of the internal water, most of the liquid inside the wood is sandalwood oil. Slowly run to the surface of the wood. The meat is dripping, the oil will drop, and the color is getting deeper. Here I have to focus on it. What do you think of the old sandalwood? Most people can see the sandalwood trees. Only when they grow independently, the older the age, the more unclear his texture is. On the contrary, if you see a tree pattern, it means that this material is not big. Now many wooden friends will say that this is the oil line. manner.

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