At the exhibition of China Unicom in the World 5G Conference, a dancer in Hanfu was spinning and jumping on the booth, accompanied by music danced to show the Tang Palace night dance. At the same time, a real -time cloud broadcast on the big screen on the other side, from the four perspectives of the high -definition of the high -definition dancer on the booth.

At the exhibition of the World 5G Conference, you can see the application of many 5G technology at the Winter Olympics, involving all aspects of the Winter Olympics. From the autonomous driving and smart command systems of the Winter Olympics park, to high -tech videos and cloud transmission technology for watching competitions, the audience can experience a more personalized visual feast.


Wisdom View: Do it yourself to watch the competition by yourself

“The audience can slide through their fingers to change the wonderful moment of the free perspective. It is no longer subject to a single perspective and can better watch the wonderful competition.” China Unicom’s interpreter introduced.

Subsequently, the interpreter showed reporters how to watch a speed skating competition from a free perspective. When the athlete turns, you can swipe your fingers to change the lens by themselves. When you watch the wonderful moment of the turning, you can clearly see the details of the athlete’s curve transcendence. It is understood that the live broadcast of such a free perspective needs to transmit the screen to the media cloud service system through the pre -processing server on the spot, and then transfer it to the mobile phone through the 5G base station.

At the 5G and Smart Winter Olympics Forum, Yu Hong, director of the technical department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, introduced that the Winter Olympic Cloud Broadcast uses cloud technology, big data, 5G, AI and other technologies to allow the admission, editing, and broadcasting in the broadcast , Transform from physical space to cloud. Based on 5G+AR live broadcast, real -time immersive ultra -high -definition experience can be achieved. At the same time, the audience can use 5G networks to realize the photos of the photos and improve the interactive viewing experience.

On the Huawei booth, a classical water sleeve dance was played on the screen of the “High -tech Video” exhibition area. “Holding the remote control can change multiple perspectives to watch the dance.” The interpreter introduced the control operation while wearing a crescent yarn in the screen. The woman with a quality dance was fixed, and the screen displayed “into the bullet time”. The audience seemed to walk into the screen, paced around the dancer, and saw the floating water sleeves and dancers smiling.

Wisdom participation: Technical blessing athletes scientifically prepare for the Winter Olympics


The bending degree of the knee joint, the height of the take -off, the flying path in the air … Various data is continuously presented on the screen. This is a ski player’s data analysis video.


It is understood that the athletes of the athletes are collected during training, using the relevant knowledge of mechanics and sports to analyze, and comparing the data of the champion player, the AI ​​auxiliary training system can personalize the theoretical guidance and technical support of the athletes, so as to thus Make sports athletes get more professional and scientific training guidance.

“When is the fastest? When is the slowest? How is your knee angle? Many times it feels, but analysis through data, athletes can clearly know how to slip faster, more balanced, how to reflect explosive power and strength I feel. “At the 5G and Smart Winter Olympics Forum, Knetine Collins, a technical consultant of the Winter Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, introduced.

It is understood that through the precise calculation of AI technology, each athlete can get more scientific and efficient training programs, and at the same time, it can better understand the habits of the opponent and prepare more fully to fight for the Winter Olympics.

Smart running: Almighty command to escort the Winter Olympics

On the Qi Anxin booth, a huge screen shows the digital maps of the Winter Olympics venue. Next to the three -dimensional map is the monitored real -time data. The beating numbers, the curve of the transformation, and the blue icon with a sense of technology make people have a sense of security that is in my grasp.


This is the screen display of the Winter Olympics network security operation command center system. “Large -scale events such as the Winter Olympics have many infrastructure and decentralized venues. They have high requirements for safe operation services. There is a strong command center system to ensure.” Technical staff said.

On the booth of China Unicom, you can also see a screen of a command dispatch platform, which shows monitoring data in real time. It is understood that the integrated platform of command and dispatch uses big data, the Internet of Things, cloud computing and other technologies. Whether it is cross -regional remote scheduling, temporary group scheduling, and fixed group scheduling, it can be perfectly adapted to effectively guarantee the stable work of the Winter Olympics work. conduct.

At the 5G and Smart Winter Olympics Forum, Xia Junjie, deputy dean of the China Unicom Intelligent City Research Institute, revealed that in order to ensure that the Winter Olympics park achieves efficient travel, precise and high -precision positioning needs to be predicted to have dense people and traffic. Make a plan in advance and dispatch the vehicle in time.


Yu Hong, director of the technical department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, introduced that 5G technology will be widely used during the Beijing Winter Olympics. At present, the 5G network coverage of the Fifth Ring Road and the Urban Sideline has been achieved. For precise coverage, all the Winter Olympics venues and the road connecting venues have achieved 5G signal coverage, preparing the basic conditions for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. In terms of the construction of smart venues, 5G -based energy management, equipment detection and early warning, security management, traffic scheduling, etc., can be established to achieve controlling the venue.