I believe that many car owners have experienced such an experience. When they encounter unscrupulous drivers while driving at night, they can drive the high beam, which is called pain.

The headlights of Korruz’s original car H4. The lighting effect is not explained, and it is terrible. I was installed with a lamp before, and the effect was very unsatisfactory.

Swilish, can’t see anything at all.

For safe thinking, modify the double -light lens and light up.

The following is the comparison renderings of the real shot before and modified during the modification process:


The original car near the light

Yuanxian remote light

Modification configuration:

Customize Hara five pairs of light lens,


Philips stable,

Philips XV1 light bulb,


Angel eye


Modification address:


Cool Car City, No. 8 Zhongcheng North Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, E3 101-102. (Ship Card Auto New Store)

No. 63, Sha Tai South Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou (Ship Card Motor).

The modified angel eye effect

Modified lighting effect

Modified near light


Modified high beam effect

Ship card cars are particularly reminded here: safety is not just brakes, but also lights; at the same time, civilization uses lights, please use near -light when you can use a car, be a civilized person, and drive a civilized car!