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“Zebra crossing”

This is not only a moral obligation

交通安全课堂 |这个“菱形”标示你认识吗?

It is also a legal responsibility

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However, due to the non -compliance rules of a few drivers

The accident on the zebra crossing still occurs from time to time

Do you know what the “diamond” sign means?

Pedestrian horizontal trailer notation

Using a white diamond pattern, it is prompted that the vehicle is close to the pedestrian crossway. Pay attention to pedestrians across the road.

What is the diamond -shaped sign?

This mark is marked by the zebra crossing, which means that there are zebra crossing in front, reminding the vehicle to pay attention to start to slow down, which is generally used in the zebra crossing in the road section. This mark is available in many sections in the city, and it is also easy to ignore.

Venue: Generally appear at 30-50 meters before arriving in the sidewalk.

Legal basis

交通安全课堂 |这个“菱形”标示你认识吗?

● “Road Traffic Safety Law” Article 47

交通安全课堂 |这个“菱形”标示你认识吗?

When the motor vehicle is passing through the pedestrian crossway, it should be slowed down

; When the tranquility is passing through the crowded crossway, it should be stopped.

● The punishment criteria are: passing the pedestrian horizontal trail, without deceleration, a fine of 150 yuan and 3 points; if the metr is not parking through the pedestrian crossway, the fine is 150 yuan and 3 points. If pedestrians cross the road, they will be fined 150 yuan and 3 points.

This legal provision means that the motor vehicle does not slow down before the zebra crossing, but to slow down nearby. Secondly, no matter if there are people in the zebra crossing, as long as you pass the zebra crossing, you must slow down nearby.

Any driver through the zebra crossing must slow down. If you do not slow down, face punishment

交通安全课堂 |这个“菱形”标示你认识吗?


Many people will ask, how close is the zebra crossing? This will talk about diamond -shaped marks. The diamond -shaped sign is the zebra crossing notice, that is, it is prompted that there is an zebra crossing in front of the driver.

交通安全课堂 |这个“菱形”标示你认识吗?

The vehicle must be decelerated after the diamond -shaped labeling. If there is no deceleration, it must be punished.

交通安全课堂 |这个“菱形”标示你认识吗?

In addition, in addition to the diamond logo, you must slow down and slow down!

交通安全课堂 |这个“菱形”标示你认识吗?

Pay attention to pedestrians

Pay attention to children in front

Zebra crossing for drivers

Just like a cordon

When driving near the zebra crossing

Speak down in advance, avoid patience

交通安全课堂 |这个“菱形”标示你认识吗?

When you encounter a pedestrian, you must park for the transportation

For pedestrians

When passing the zebra crossing, be sure to be careful

After looking at the road conditions, then pass it safely and quickly

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