Creative handmade DIY production, ancient wind cheongsam crushing buckle, Baocaiyuan emerald jade handmade pendant, a set of on -site production tidbits shooting and sharing, do you like beads for handmade?

There are all kinds of emerald jade beads, large and small, large and small, round heads, cylindrical, dark and light colors. One of the raw materials of the collar Hanfu accessories bag hanging ornaments

The larger beads will be used for decoration such as bracelets and bracelets, that is, affordable and good -looking

Most of the smaller beads are used as top beads or emerald pendant decorations for pendants. Various beads will look better to match


Materials made by hand -made buckle: Generally use emerald beads, color jade, coral, agate, safety buckle, 貔貅, emerald flower, jade card, tassel, wax rope, roll gold line, etc.


Although making handmade pendants is fun, it is not an easy task. It has just started making handmade beads and burning heads. It is easy to get hot!

This is a good emerald peace buckle buckle!


Photo: Bao Cuiyuan Xiaoming, do you usually like to make the beads by yourself?