In the inherent thinking of Volkswagen, it seems that young people are fashionable to dress. After they get older, if they are delicate and elegant, they are equal to “old and pretty”. Because of this, many elderly people obviously have a beautiful heart, but they are unwilling to show Own.

In fact, love beauty has never been age. When we are 60 or even greater, we must also pay attention to dressing and decent. The 60+ amateur Grandma Muzi I will share this time is the role model for the elderly. For more than half of her life, she has shown an elegant and stylish side with a coat in her later years. This winter will be more elegant to wear “woolen coats”. Look at this 60+ amateur grandma, each set of styles is temperament!

1. Coat style

The coat is a single product that occupies the protagonist status in winter, which also means that there are many styles. Many elderly people wear coats to give people a sense of oldness. The biggest reason is to choose old or fancy.


1. Double -sided coat

Looking at the dress of the amateur grandma Muzi’s coat, she can see that she tends to choose some simple and generous classic coats when choosing, but it will use some details to enhance the sense of fashion and age reduction, such as small design, color or length superior.

The above double -sided coat uses a color -fighting design, which is a bit more design than the solid color system, but it will not be too eye -catching. It is the ideal choice that grandma can easily control and wear a sense of fashion.

2. Warm color tone long coat

The color of the coat has a cold tone and warm color tone. In winter, the cold color is suitable for creating a cold and deep dress style, which is relatively easy to give people a sense of oldness, warm color tone and warmth. Essence

Such as khaki, camel, caramel, coffee, orange, or yellow are warm -colored. Choose a yellow long coat to create a young state in minutes.

3. Wheels short coat

The grown -up of woolen clothes focuses on improving the temperament. The main advantage of the short coat is that there is no requirement for height. After many people are old, they will not be too tall, and they need to prepare a woolen short coat in the wardrobe.

Like beige, flower camel or light coffee color style, gentle and atmospheric.


Second, choose a choice inside the coat

Will a 60 -year -old woman wear a coat and reflected in the inside. Like masters, they can use stacking to move their focus on their clothing, such as playing suit, suit vest, or shirt charm.

However, for the grandma who is matched with a novice or who does not want to be too hard, when wearing a coat in winter, it is not recommended to overlap many layers. Generally, you can use double or three layers.

When using a three -layer stacking, try to use a white base to act as the innermost layer.

You can follow these three points when you use double -layer stacking. The first style should be simple, the version should be slim, and the micro -profile coat is very thin.

The color of the inside should echo the coat, it can be the same color, or the retro contrast. Third, the length of the interior should not be too long. The short and long coat should be short and one long, which effectively enhances the sense of fashion.

Third, choose a choice under the coat


There are many aspects that need to be considered in winter coats, such as how to choose down.

1. Well coat+pants

The use of coat pants is a method that many 60 -year -old women will adopt. The difference is that when the coat is open, it is recommended to combine large straight pants or wide -leg trousers to be free.

If you are a waist coat or a long coat, you can combine straight pants and small pants.


2. Coat+over -the -knee skirt

The knee skirt with pleated skirts, umbrella skirts or A -line skirts can give the coat shape full of elegance and romantic atmosphere. If the figure is not perfect, you can also be thinner through this pair of partner.

If it is a Morandi color or a soft color woolen coat, then the knee skirt can choose the same color or neighboring color style.

4. What shoes do woolen coats wear?

The blogger Muzi’s coat is simple and generous, but it is very impressive. From head to toe, it exudes elegance and exquisiteness. Like on shoes, Lefu shoes and short boots have a high rate of appearance.


1. Love shoes

With the help of shoes to add points for temperament, it is recommended that grandma choose some leather shoes to enhance the refined sense, such as loafers, simple and flexible and flexible.


If the combination coat is not afraid of cold in winter, the ankle is thin and thin.

2. Boots

If you have high temperature requirements, you may use short boots to replace loafers. Black -in -heel boots connect the same color skirt or pants, keep warm and stable.

It is beautiful by the 60+ amateur grandma Muzi’s coat, and each set can withstand the scrutiny. If you also like it, then you may wish to wear it!

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