As a senior fertilizer, food and games can not live up to, and like to change the pattern to make food, give the taste buds a different excitement, this is not, I haven’t eaten burning for more than half a year outside for a long time. I don’t even dare to go out and dinner in Shenzhen, I’m doing a reality (where you live without kitchen), I want to go home in the National Day, so …

So I thought that I made a barbecue in front of my hometown in the New Year. The strong oil smell and barbecue flavor provoke a neighbor to a complaint, then I didn’t want to add it to others, or changed a barbecue. When I was just brushing, I saw the breeding of multi-function furnaces, and I was a long-term model, and the beautiful model gave a variety of grass. After repeated more electric ovens, I finally chose Rongshida.

So, let the grill eat ash! ! !

The consideration of my choice is this:

First yet

Rongshida is not just a barbecue, you can also remove the baking tray cooker, down hot pot


It is not common to use the functional single, especially suitable for my favorite fast-hand food forces hot pot, but watching the figure of the gourmet, and more “Cook” is waiting for me to unlock.

two is


Rongshida is safer, high temperature and durable ceramic glaze pitroflon coating



Third, the price of the electric ceramic furnace design is just a few thousand, compared to

Rongshi Da’s prices are really conscience

I will return to my hometown before the National Day, I didn’t expect to arrive in the express village. After the arrival, my mom waited for me to come back to open the box.


After the National Day home, I chose a wind and a beautiful weather to do the box experience. It is important that a family is gathered together to work together to “farm barbecue”.

Now, pretend to pretend to be out of the box.

Open the package is the cover – disk – the furnace three-piece set, the bag is installed, and the tips on the bag are warm.

The cover is a cold rolling process forging. Search, the advantage of this process is that the lock is also launched, but because the first use of the dish is to bake, the cover is basically not sent, next time Make a roasted fish.

The disk is a big gold disk, watching refreshing, I didn’t expect the thickness, I thought it was light, the result … or two hands are more secure, weight, foot, there are three or four pounds.


At the top of the furnace, the top two circles model will know that it is a double furnace. The front face looks like a blue-ray disc, and the left and right knobs separately control the fires and time of the two furnaces. When the knob is used as a button, it is a switch, which is a gospel of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

It is significantly different from the electromagnetic furnace that there is no gap to hide the sarcity, plus the furnace is a raised design, more convenient to clean, and steadily embed the baking tray.

There are two fans in the bottom of the pan corresponding to the left and right furnace positions, and heat cooling effects.

Wash it, open a pot with oil and vegetable leaves, I have been looking forward to the long-awaited barbecue link.


This is a profit version of the farmer barbecue, the material is composed of home dishes and supermarkets “five-five”, and the hometown is not enough to worry about vegetables. As for why it is a simple version of the barbecue, because there is still a lot of materials that have not been collapsed, not enough, such as oyster sauce, barbecue paper, but the core seasoning is not missing, the ceramic glaze is true. No oil, can’t make it.

Burking is annoying in the ingredients, but a family divided into work, three down five eloquence, put the materials, ten dishes, 4 people have enough to support.

Cooked around, it took ten seconds to get rid of the oil, this speed is simply wow, I don’t know if other furnaces are like this.


Because it is independent furnace, the temperature is independently adjusted, plus a large disk (at least 1.5 times larger than the ordinary electromagnetic furnace), can “left the meat right dishes”, save the temperature, and the vegetables It is too passed, and the respective temperatures are each available.

Open, everyone can’t wait for the following, the left is tuna, squid and robby, the right side is a smooth gold mushroom and a crispy rice cake, and then fried a pepper to open the stomach, it is difficult to roast a large tuna tail can also roast The external focus is tender, the meat is refreshing, the meat, the paprika, the grilled dish is not the same time, adding and diligent, early being sweeped by the wind and closing, and the meat is satisfied Excessive in the lower chopsticks.


It is found that there is a great advantage of the two circles of the baking tray, which can put the meat in the middle of the circle, so that the oil is fully baked out, and the oil is on the edge of the rush, just can be used to roast the oil, use a good Combination makes barbecue less oil health.


In the roast process, it also found that the smoke generated by the smoke is very small. It will not be like a barbecue and the barbecue cab, which is not exaggerated. Occasionally, the small smoke will make people think that is heat. A grilled, it would not be like the previous room, the room, the smoke is still the same, it is heavy, not to make clothes to the nose, it is not too much to pay attention to the barbecue, it is simply … So everyone wants If you have to be a barbecue at home, even if you don’t buy Rongshida, you can consider other common trays.


The characteristics of unburned disappointment, I believe that everyone experiences in other kitchenware, it is really good to use and worry. The lower oil will not be loosened, but the water is onto the lotus leaf, the dicycle and the fragments will not stick to the disc, and it will be clean, and the oil is also taken away.

This roasting, there is an advantage that the need for a circle is that there are more than two hours of uninterrupted barbecue, and there is no urination in the whole process. The temperature can remain relatively constant.

A great advantage of doing a barbecue is to use a lot of cheap costs than the store, and eat people to snoring, but also have a lot of dishes. After a full meal, I was going to take the dish, and the cooker came to cooking and be a soup. But because the double furnace was close, the big iron pot was not in use, and the other bought a small dairy pot is still coming, so I don’t experience the other. The vegetable way, look at some people’s fancy, look forward to full …

In general, the smooth disc is a brand impression that changed my name to Rongda’s domestic old brand “old” word. From the appearance to the function, it is very good for our young people, which is not only easy to use, still beautiful. I have a consensus with my family – cooking, except for delicious pursuit, how is the process, how can it come, and the power of Rongda is fully aware of most of the cooking methods such as steamed fritting, but also is very good , Do not occupy a place, very much. For those who have the quality of life, love for food, the dish is the kitchen assistant, in use, will give you a happy life.

Next, it’s the advantages and disadvantages.



1. Double furnace design, two sides are independently controlled, which can both do simultaneously, can also adjust the temperature for different ingredients when grilled, bringing the best mouth.

2. Ceramic glaze process, no oil is not sticky, the heat is more uniform, the moisture is kept well, not easy to bake, but also more heat-durable, good cleaning.


3. The highest firepower is 240 degrees, which can meet most of the cooking flood needs, the display has a corresponding temperature and recommended cooking method, and can remove the baking tray, and make more food in the shelving pan, avoid it. Features single and easy to be idle.


1. The switch function of the knob is just used, it is a bit not able to touch the north, you need to touch it.

2. The double furnace is designed to be close (but the size of the dish is too large), like a large iron pot, Corning pot, is inconvenient to use.

Finally, with the experience of yourself, I will knock on the blackboard again. For those who are very intention of the cigarette, the pan is really a lot of barbecue, because there is it, you can rest assured to make barbecue in the new house or hot pot. Do not believe? Try! !