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The Republican said:

Today, I will tell you about the small secrets of the pantyhose.

Every girl is inseparable from the pantyhose. Summer is for small sexy, winter in order to keep warm and nice, and the Republican nearest background message list is a pantyhose.

Today, let’s talk about it.


Choice and wearing of pantyhose in winter

And there are a series of problems about pantyhose ~

How is the color of the pantyhose?


First, black pantyhose

The preferred choice is of course black, is slim, it is high, and the earth people know that it will go up and don’t need to think.


You think that a black pantyhose can keep your beauty and winter, in fact, it also has the situation, and the Republican will summarize 3 points:

1, the skirt is too fresh, wearing black pantyhose is not good;

▲ Everyone will have big red green big purple clothes, and they are stringent together. Black elevated slings are simply black clouds, low to explode!


▲ If you have to wear this, please

The whole body main color adjustment is maintained

OK, it can also be high.

2, light-colored and light-thin skirts wear black pantyhose is not good;

▲ Ever-shallow bottoming and black pantyhose will be very


In addition, the light material and the sheep are “biting each other”, which is neither a harmonious and annoying.

Static electricity


▲ Remedy is

Add a layer of transition

For example, add a coffee knit in white coat, let the two look harmonious.


3, skirts, pantyhose, shoes all black still don’t pay attention to the waistline.

▲ Excessive hierarchy will make you look huge! The thick-end “whisk” boots are particularly bad! !

So, the black pantyhose is so good, not universal, the solution to the Republican recommended is to come to a gray pantyhose ~

Second, gray pantyhose

Although black is to wear the most color, it is actually the most gray. Gray is transition color, more meticulous integration.

The gray color is so much, we come to one by one:

Light gray

With light color costumes, no dimming, but

Strong expansion, chubby sake, please avoid


. So the Republican Jun is more recommended

Small ash and medium gray


Various colors are all eaten!

The same color is mixed with the same

This year’s popular retro colors are also perfect

Even with ultra-shallow white mats is not awkward

If the color is deep, the personal feelings will be better, and the darkness like this will be better. At this time, it is a bit awkward.

So, in the case of a black pantyhose, it is not known to wear what color, and it is the most difficult to make mistakes. It is also the most wild.

Third, hidden blue, brown pantyhose


Although the blue is also dark, it is actually no black and gray wild, so it is not common, and its audience is not big, and the personal feelings of the blue pantyhose are still matching or yellow contractions. The best looking.

Brown or wine

This kind of colored pantyhose is suitable for like



The sister, the celebrity temperament rely on a pantyhose, and is also 666.



This type of colored pantyhose

Hourly designed to leg

,Apart from

Easy legs

Outside, it is also very easy

Shaped leg type


If the leg type is not good, don’t try it.

Fourth, I hope you will never wear the color of your body.

If you can’t wear it anymore, you will not wear it again. More focused on wearing the heart, if you still have a girl, please move “color” to the shoes, pack these accessories, don’t wear color pantyhose.

How to choose a material in the material?

D (Denier) in the pantyhose represents a thickness. According to the normal system, the value of D is, the thicker, and it will be more warm.


Sometimes it is not the case, the Republican summed up the most common pantyhose on the market, let’s take a look.

First, cashmere blend

The price of pantyhose containing a certain cashmere will not be less than 10 yuan. The higher the cashmere content, the higher the price.


“Wolfordde” in one of the five major stockings brands, a 61% cashmere content in a treasure is ¥ 1349.00.

But why did the girls wear cashmere blended pantyhose still do not keep enough? Because – thin!

In general, cashmere blend pantyhose can still be started, but don’t expect too much.


Advantages: close, soft, not bloated.

Disadvantages: non-wind wind, the wind is full of wind, limited warmth; high price.

Second, heating pantyhose

In recent years, heirlooms are particularly fire, like this pantyhose is 100% chemical fiber, without a point of natural fibers, and different brands are also different.

But personal thinking of this pantyhose in the winter, there is no ovulation. It’s just a look at 7, 8 degrees, and it will definitely be cold.


Need to remind everyone

Heat hot pants are best to wear

This will best be best like this.

Third, pressure pantyhose

Brand pressure panties will have pressure units, and the pressure in different parts is still different. It is said that some pressure pantyhose can also prevent edema, especially suitable for long-term plane or train.

▼ Pressure pantyhose also has a special set of exclusive

Wearing step method

Read more carefully ~

Personally think that most sisters wear pressure panties are for stovepipes, but the Republic is not very tribute to wearing socks. It can be thinned … but it is visually dark panties.

Fourth, plus velvet pantyhose

The Republican Jun just said,


The higher the number, the thicker socks.


The better resistance, the better


– is a thin stockings wearing in summer;


Suitable for winter and south;



A relatively thick warm hose;


1600D above:

The thick stockings have been almost like the autumn trousers.


Personally, for a pantyhose,

1000D is already enough

If you thicken, you are not only more fat, it is still very bad, wearing shoes!

But if you are in the north, you still have to be outside the pantyhose.

Set of a pants

Even if it is up to 3000D, it cannot be lower than the cold wind in the north!

Temporary problem solving when wearing pantyhose

First, what should I do?

The pantyhose is probably a small embarrassment that everyone has passed through the girls of the pantyhose, so it is very likely that the elasticity of the pantyhose you bought is not good or designed.

Although this thing can’t be completely avoided, the Republic can give you 2 tips:


Pressure pantyhose is easier to drop,

Informal pressure pantyhose will even make your blood do not circulate, so it is not required, you can drop the pressure pantyhose.



Choose a pantyhose with a diamond design.

Second, the toe head is hoisted!

Socks have experienced people, especially the girls who have long Egyptian feet, big toes will be relatively long, more likely to cause socks.

Want to reduce the probability of cracked hole in pantyhose, write down these two strokes:


1. Select a pantyhose with a right angle.

There is a slogan in this right-angle sock corner design, the chance of cumbersome will be a little bit, because the panties hide is more feet more, but it is not universal.


2, buy step on the feet.

Many people feel that they are very soas, this year is really fire! And there will be no holes, if you accept incompetence, just a pair of socks outside, anyway, wear a warmth.

Third, what should I do?

First of all, I want to tell you that all the pantyhose starts, even if it is a very expensive brand pantyhose, this is a truth with the sweater. If you can’t think of the ball, you can buy cotton lines, but you will not keep warm, it is no elastic.

In this regard, the Republic’s method is:


1, select high-composite fiber material pantyhose;

2, in the outside of the thin socks wearing a pair of spring and summer. Because the usual places are on the foot, so it will never set up a pair of socks. Then put the foot-specific warm baby on the foot, keep you warm up ~


Today, I will talk about the Republican Jun, including

How to choose, how to wear some problems that will encounter



If you feel practical, you will move your fingers, go to your friends, and benefit more people ~

Source | Display Republic (ID: chenliegonghe) may be the most influential retail experience of China from the media