For land measurement, we value the efficiency and accuracy in the measurement process, and can measure the most accurate measurement results in a short time, which is an important basis for our choice to purchase measurement instruments.


With the development of technology, the measuring instrument is also more and more professional with the times, continuous development, operation, accuracy, and technology attributes. How do you choose a trusted product in numerous land measuring products? Xiaobian recommends a product of Hengyi Technology.

Hengyi Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014, has been committed to researching and developing GPS acrers, and has continuous advanced and mature technology, which is already a leading level. It is also an increasing upgrade of the product, and the consumer demand is constantly satisfied in all aspects, and the operation is more convenient, and the measurement is more accurate.

Easy to measure the specific operation of the instrument is as follows:

1, appearance display

2, prepare before measurement

Try to work in the outdoor air area, convenient for search star;


After booting, measurement is reduced to 1.0 or less;

3, general measuring


4, long width area measurement

5, rotary airborne area measurement

6, back and forth load area measurement

If you take a circle, you can measure the area, and your easy acousto is really very simple.

Easy to measure the more intelligent, more convenient, more accurate attitude to protect the measurement work, if you are lacking a good helper for measuring the land, please choose Easy to measure the instrument products.


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