It is easy to wear, and we are easy to think of exquisite elegance, but the real Paris street shoot is not limited to this. For Paris General People, they are not special, and they are not how to grab the eyes.

In fact, a comfortable and comfortable dressing method is mostly favored by Paris people. Like a simple shirt, t-shirt, vest, jeans, wide leg pants, sweeping or Converse shoes, can be worn by them with a stylish street. This summer, let’s take a look at the Paris passers-by, wear “vest + jeans”, but it is still fashionable than the model, I hope to provide you with a clue!

First, when wearing basic paragraph, wear is very important

Many people are pursuing fashion, will choose a variety of designed avant-gardes to create the street LOOK, do not say if these design is suitable for themselves, on the versions and duty, design models are far less than the basic paragraph .

In the street shooting of Paris, we can see that most of the Parisian people are all common basic paragraphs, such as vests, T-shirts, shirts, stripes, jeans, shorts or wide legs.


These single items are both on the body, the age has no restrictions. We don’t have to worry about driving, and it is simple enough, and the daily breath is rich.


Of course, everyone has the basic paragraph, wants to wear a different trendy sense, Paris passengers are not relaxing. I rarely see that they will use a one-glance, there is no highlighting method, basically will improve the highlights with some details.


For example, when using a vest, the vest is properly divided, and the jeans is slightly loose, thus creating an elastic combination of dressing effect, sufficiently sprinkle.

In addition, when wearing a T-shirt, shirt or vest, put the upper under high waist pants, or roll up the shirt cuffs, the neckline can be opened, and it can further improve the free feelings of the overall look, and it is not very stylish.

And the sediment is also created in the short-length clothes, which adjusts the body ratio to a more perfect state, and is profit.


Second, it is best for you to do it.

Many people are easy to fall into a misunderstanding when they dress, that is, think that the more fashionable, but it is good, it is best for you to dress.

If the item used, wearing is not suitable for you, then even if it is expensive, it will only cause clothes, or too hard.

And suitable for yourself, you will give people a single touch to people, thus playing the effect of the brocade.

Take Paris people, although they are wearing a common basic paragraph, but as long as they appreciate their dressing, they can see that these items or wear are except for the simple refreshing, and they have also achieved strengths, and Improve identification.


Such as a variety of sleeveless tops, suspenders, shorts, or skirts, summer can easily increase the skin area, on the basis of improving the coolness, and sufficient foreignity.

Third, less is much, refuse to complicate

The real fashion is not a stack of various fashion elements, but in the collection, color matching and matching.

For example, reducing the designed single item, with a simple and generous basic funds to create a summer street look, such as reducing the type of color in the shape, and avoiding too complex wearing formulas.


These techniques can make the overall LOOK becomes more practical, and they look at the simple single, but they don’t lose fashion.

Of course, there are less than we want us to pursue simple, but to follow the right principle, discard unwanted items, and appropriately join the accessories.

Such as gold earrings, sunglasses, belts, watches or bags, can become an additional item.

Fourth, everyone is the protagonist

It is said that people have been put in clothing, but this sentence is right, and what kind of effect can wear, but also people.

Turning to Paris Street shooting, you can see that Paris passengers are still fat, they are dressed up, they are all their protagonists.

The collapse of the pen is quite lifted, and the self-confidence rays exuded from the bones are their largest flash points.


The above is the Paris street shooting of everyone, it can be seen from above, for ordinary people, the fashion is not the model of the model, the simple and comfortable, and the comfort is only. If you like Paris passers-by, then you may wish to refer to it!

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