Saying, when you dress again, you will have a headache every year. Wearing a suit, it is too hot; wearing a summer dress, very cold in the morning and evening.

Then go to INS to find inspiration. Suddenly found, overnight, the female stars have hit the shirt, each likes

Big shirt

. Let’s take a look ~


Shirt + vest + wide leg pants + belt


Daxie is the first female star like wearing,


BF whitening shirt, take a white vest, with wide legs and belts

I got a fashion world in the fashion world.

This idea is good, the shirt is thin, not too hot, and everyone has n pieces of shirt,

No need to spend money to buy autumn


Kematoth is preferred to hit the shirt and wear a similar shirt to the street. To this end, the online is still arguing.


Which of her and Da Yan won.

But her pants are shallow, more energetic. Kematoth is from the head to the foot from the Row, the package is from by far.

Australian blogger Jessica Alizzi is also the same. She replaced the shoes.

Black high canvas shoes

Not only colors and belts, sunglasses, bags echo, more daily than high heels, the overall style is even more young.

It is not necessarily a black and white ash. I am very loved by the color of the stylist Linda Tol, and the color is fresh and harmonious.


Deep green and blue blue very retro

, In the white t-shirt beige shoes, too wear!


It is not necessary to match hard,


Soft silk shirt can also


The big squad is a shaping and lingerie, can’t see a piece of pleats.


And the adhesive of the silk shirt is also higher,

Take the bag is also a color of a color, a strap and a piece of colors, very match.

Shirts can also choose


It is a bit like a simple version of the windbreaker jacket.


Shading ankle in one second, no need to lose weight, slimming 5kg


And walking along the wind. With the big gold chain, super handsome!

Note: In this forming,

The belt is very important and is the soul of the whole body.


Look at the Demonstration of the blogger Jessica Alizzi knows that there is no belt, it seems to be a breath. A suitable belt can increase exquisiteness and trendy; especially


When it is the basic paragraph, it is more necessary to have a belt to brighten the whole body and wear a fashion.

Nordic Blogger Annemiek Kessels is matched


Hermes belt

Although the belt color and pants are mixed together, it seems to be overwhelmed, but the belt is quite distinctive metal head, it brightens all the clothes, the whole look looks much more.

It is also not necessarily aqi price belt,

Simple square gold belt buckle

It is also possible.

German stylist beatrice gutu this belt

Can’t see the brand

But do not affect the harmonious advanced wearing, she is also matched.

Pearl short chain

Increased a lot of women.

Xiao Zheng also couldn’t stand it. No 10 shirts in the closet, just pumped it, 1: 1 imitated, and it was practical and advanced!



Finally, you can also like the blogger Emma Hill.

Put the shirt in the trousers

, More significantly proportions. Take the green and white back, and the trousers are smooth, so I will take it.


Shirt + skirt

Big shirt tape skirt


It is


Models favorite

Good figure and a list.

Daddy wearing Wardrobe NYC white shirt,

Slim black mini skirt

When you take pictures, you will be on the waist on the black skirt, and the big waistline is better. Wearing with a level, it is also suitable for this season.

Mini skirts are high heels, which will be too sexy; if you add a neutral style large shirt, you can balance each other.

The beaver often wears like this, and it is selected.

White mini skirt, with different colors hate

The big legs are nowhere to place.


Change a pair of sports shoes, the skirt is changed to sports pants

It is another different style. This is more typeless, and the casual is not too.


The name IRINA is like this,

Chain package increases fashion

. She is with a pair of ugly sandals, and the waves are justified. I feel that the defects in the family can come out, try to have a white shirt, maybe there is a surprise.

It is not necessary to match the white shirt,

Colored shirts can also

The beaver in the weekly week is wearing like this, a soft light green shirt as a coat,


Tape vest and short skirt

The utilization of clothes is improved.

I feel that the mini skirt is too challenge classmates, you can match

Half-length skirt, more mature women

If Dress Code is not strict, you can wear it.

For example, I love the blogger Anouk Yve, with slippers and woven bags very casual holiday wind, shoes change to Laofu shoes or small high heel can be commuted.


Bermuda shorts a little longer

Others, Anouk Yve

Cotton linen white shirt


, Inner, nude, short, short, no extra decoration, simple single single is very gas field.

You can also match

Denim shorts

But not hot pants, slightly loose pants, just a little bit of the knees, just, white shirts can


Breaking the waistline

With flat leather shoes or small white shoes OK.


More use


If you don’t want to put the big shirt as a coat, then wear it as normal shirt. But pay attention, because the upper body is very loose, you can take a little bit a little.



It is right.

Especially recommended

Pencil skirt

Just like Daxie, the shirt is in the skirt, there is Zhang You, and it is definitely a commuter wearing a model. The knee is suitable for work, with a pointed design Muller shoes, visually prolonging the legs.

The same white shirt, Da Yan also matched one


White knitted half dress

This is more suitable for shopping relative to black semi-skirts. It will be too advanced.

Shirt makes an intermediate layer

Write here, you will have a classmate, and you can do it again?

Then add a suit or all kinds of windbreaker jackets.

Superimposed Dafa

Come, there is a sense of layering and warmth, it will be wear, the basic color is not worried about the wrong, rest assured to wear!

Or exchange the strap or t-shirt in the shirt to



, Warmth, trendy max, this little trick is also taught to everyone before.

Write, sprinkle

Xiao Zheng goes to the closet, ready to put

Vest, shirt, pants, skirt rearrangement combination

, Save money and fashionable!


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