Winter wearing a down jacket, and in the purchase of the down jacket, it is also in the face of so many brands, and there is even a special phenomenon:


Middle-aged and old people like Bosideng, but young people love to wear north.

Whether the Bosideng is still in the north, two brands of down jackets have their own audience.

If you pay special attention to the down jacket, and it is a fan of Bosideng or north, then this content is worth seeing, and it can help you understand the knowledge of the down jacket.

About Bosideng down jacket

Bosideng as an old domestic down jacket brand, from the “earth” to “fashion” transformation, from ordinary warm down jacket to the extremely cold down jacket against minus dozens of degrees, let it have the advantage of the down jacket brand.

01, the quality is too hard

As the light of the national goods, Bosideng down jackets from the selection of workmanship, excellence, both warm goose velvet, also have a cost-effective due, meet the needs of different people.

On the basis of excellent warmth, the anti-drilling technique is also very excellent, and the quality is absolutely unable to pick.


02, price

Many people say that Bosideng is like Li Ning, the popularity is high, and the price is also rising. But to tell the truth, the price of the Bosideng down jacket is still more in the acceptance, at least within the acceptance range.

The general model is several hundred, the medium price is thousands, the designer joints are only three or four thousand. Of course, in addition to tens of thousands of Dengfeng series outdoor down jacket, the price of “urban down jacket” wearing daily wear

03, style


Bosideng’s transformation successfully broke the traditional earth’s design style, joined the new trend elements, followed by the current trend.


From “New Generation Down Jacket” to “windbreak down jacket”, change the routine down jacket version, use “new concept” to open a new trend, and the style design is also recognized.

About North Down Jacket

Although the north is an outdoor sports brand, its signature single item is a down jacket, and the visible advantage is obvious.

01, cost-effective

It is said that the northern down jacket is selling expensive, and it must be someone who knows it.

Take the classic 1996 series of down jackets, choose high-quality white velvet filled, fluffy up to 700, filling and fluffs are above standards, priced, more than two thousand prices are programs.

02, style trend

The reason why the north down jacket is so popular, benefiting from its trendy style design.


The classic paragraph is a simple line, do not pick the age and body, meet more aesthetic and fashionable needs; with the joint series of SuPreme, it is integrated into the elements of the American street, breaking down the down jacket and dull .


03, choose space

There are four borders in the north: US version, Japanese version, Korean version and ECO version, providing consumers with more choice space.

The US version is warmer, but the version is slightly bloated, and it is more comfortable with the European body; the Korean version is the most comfortable; the Japanese version is more suitable for Asian; ECO version of the highest price


Why is middle-aged and old people like Bosideng, young people love to wear north

Some people say that the north down jacket will send him, because it has been “bad street”, Bosideng is the strongest king.

As a young man, the requirements for the down jacket are nothing more than the following points:


01, in line with the aesthetics, known as “school uniform”, the absolute trend of the north of “school uniform”;

02, there must be a personality label, and each cooperation in the north and supreme is unique;

03, fashion and wild, the north 1996 series down jacket will not be wrong.

For middle-aged and elderly people, the practiced and warm effects of the purchase of down jackets, so the following advantages of Bosideng down jacket are more suitable for them:


01, middle-aged and old-aged down jackets in the midrangement, there is no more complicated design;

02, the price of hundreds of pieces is not distressed;

03, excellent warmth effect, satisfy the demand of Nanyi.


In the whole, Bosideng down jackets and northern down jackets have a thousand autumn, and there are specific consumer groups.

Of course, let go of brands and prices, down jackets choose to fit themselves!

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