More than a year, Wang Yuezhen found several fabrics, tried to do four or five sample clothes, looking for a factory around …

Wang Yuezhen is a deputy director of the Subsidiary Hospital of Guokea (Zhejiang Cancer Hospital), who is engaged in tumor radiotherapy for 29 years. Over the years, she has always wanted to give a dress when they treat it. Nowadays, this dress is finally made by her.

Wang Yuezhen’s every day is to deal with different radiotherapy patients. “When the patient is radiotherapy, it is necessary to take off the clothes to expose the treatment site. On the treatment of the bed, in order to treat precision, reduce movement, also need for body hood, laser positioning.”

The treatment bed is made of special materials, which must be hard, so that it can support the role of the body. Because the treatment equipment needs, the temperature is not too high.

There is a patient reflects that the bed is hard and cold, and the light is lying in the treatment bed.

这位医生为患者做了一件背心 穿过的都说:保暖又贴心

Once, she bought a close-fitting underwear and felt that she was close and comfortable. “I suddenly thought of it, I can refer to such a fabric, I will give the patient with a vest to do a treatment.”

Wang Yuezhen began to think seriously, such a piece of clothes should be satisfied: First of all, the fabric must be elastic, tight-fitting, can’t be too loose. Because of radiotherapy, the patient needs to be fixed, and loose clothes are not conducive to fixed; secondly, this dress is soft, seamlessly connected, otherwise it will take the skin, wear it is uncomfortable; The radiation has an effect and cannot cause skin allergies. Overall, the requirements for vest are quite high.

Wang Yuezhen Tofau is a friend who is a textile industry, and then mails more than 10 fabrics to choose: polyester, afraid of allergy; cotton’s elasticity is too thin, and it is easy to loose.

She finally selected Mosta cotton. “The fabric is dense, it is still very soft, and it is very comfortable.”

Choose a fabric, next is what style is designed. Wang Yuezhen ran three or four plants, so that the other party did four or five kinds of clothes. She also invited a friend who makes a clothing, helping to draw pictures, design.

March last year, she finally chose the most satisfying one.

This dress is a common vest. The material is Mosta cotton. Look carefully, it can find its specialty: in the clothes, the chest, the back and the abdomen specially sew soft soft self-heating silk cloth This is for the spine, both sides of the kidney and the nephew warming; the center of the chest is a heart-shaped hollow, which is deliberately left, convenient for radiotherapy to use.

In order to make this opening, she also specially found someone to do a large and small 5 wooden heart shaped molds. Before radiotherapy, the radiotherapist helped the patient to marke a radiotherapy in the clothes, and then painted this opening with a mold.

The first place in this dress is a female patient because of lung cancer.

“When radiotherapy can wear this dress, I am still very unexpected, I am really comfortable, I don’t think it is cold, the key is that it is not so embarrassed.” The female patient is very satisfied.

Wang Yuezhen made three or forty clothes before and after, and her patients came to visit. If the other party needs, it will send a trial and continuously improve details. She not only made a relatively thick autumn and winter, but also made a thin section suitable for summer.

From the choice of fabrics to find a factory, Wang Yuezhen is doing this.

Such a seemingly simple vest, “release” process is complicated, trivial. Wang Yuezhen is in the work, using the rest time to complete, this vest also applies for patents.

When some patients say this vest is particularly stick, Wang Yuezhen feels that everything is quite worth it.

Our reporter Wu Xiangxiang correspondent Wang Yifeng

Source: Qianjiang Evening News