The solid color sweater is the first choice for many small sisters in the winter, although it can bring us a relatively low-profile breath, and it is also very convenient, but it is inevitable that some tits. Don’t wear a dull solid sweater, try the stripe style, simple and untrustworthy!

Sweater with tips


Since everyone wants to choose a striped sweater to wear, then we must pay attention to the choice of the following colors, suggesting that the comparatively low-key little sister can give priority to the black and white color striped sweater. After all, such a match is a classic, and it is possible to bring us a quite simple atmosphere, and will not make your dressing too complicated, otherwise it will seem special exaggeration.

2. Selection of version

The version design is also quite important. It is recommended that you can choose a relaxed striped sweater to wear. Especially the thin sister, if we choose the sweater of the striped shape, we’d better choose a loose design, so you can create a more atmospheric side, so that the overall wear is relatively generous, if you choose too much The tight sweater will highlight your body line, do not want to make yourself look too much little sister, try not to try.

3. Detail design

The design of the details is also quite important. We can choose horizontal stripes to play a highlighted role, show your full chest lines, or you can also consider selecting vertical stripes to draw your own figure, let you look more tap, don’t know you Which style will you like?

Overall shape sharing

LOOK1: Black and White Sweater + Jeans

The overall shape is required to pay attention to your own style. For example, you want you to look for some leisure, then we can choose black and white striped sweater to match the jeans. In the black and white striped sweater, we can choose a thin stripe design, a little tightening design at the lower end, don’t be too exaggerated, this can hide the effect of hiding the fat.

The lower body is best to choose dark blue jeans to match, like this, which seems to be more stable, and there is a street, you can bring you a relaxing breath, will not let the whole look very special.


LOOK2: Turkic Sweater Match

The striped sweater of the lapel shape seems to have more playful feelings, and also adds a little lace design, so it seems to have a little girl’s breath, very sweet. Although black and white styling does not bring us very exaggerated breath, everyone should pay more attention to the color of color, which can make your dressing more brightly!

LOOK3: 慵 松 垮 垮 穿

The pursuit of the casual feelings can consider selecting a relatively loose striped sweater, and matches a wide hairspants.

As such a match, you can bring you a full laziness, so that the overall shape looks loose, looks special leisure, and it is very low for our body, the effect of obstruction is also a first level.

LOOK3: Strip Sweater + Skirt


I feel that the thick stripe shape will look at some kind of little sister, and you can consider the fine stripes. Autumn and winter simple round neck striped knit sweater, the upper body is very elegant, relaxed pull-up wool bottoming shirt, giving a more atmosphere, beautiful and generous.

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Morri THEMAURY autumn and winter simple round neck striped knit shirt loose head wool bottoming shirt female Z1205

¥ 358



The fine horizontal stripe design can create a more exquisite breath, and also choose black and white color, so it seems to be simple, especially suitable for light mature women.

Everyone can match the pleated half-body skirt in the next half, create a more gentle temperament, like this, is also completely OK, especially suitable for 30+ little sister.

If you want to add some colorful little sisters, choose the striped sweater between red and white to wear it, and simultaneously put the sweaters in the high waist skirt of the lower body, the A-shaped skirt plus high waist design, Show your small waist in minutes, how to see it is very charming!

Adding some different modeling designs when wearing sweaters, often make your fashion feelings, so that the whole person looks more fashionable, do you have a tip of these with Get?

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