How can I sell shorts in winter? This seems to be the heavens. However, Chubbies shorts can not only sell in winter, but also subvert the tradition, set off a men’s shorts!

This brand tells consumers, styles and materials are not critical. The most important is to brainwash consumers – only wearing shorts, is the coolest choice! Later, many fashion big names also launched shorts similar to the CHUBBIES style.

Image Source: Chubbies Official Website

Special “Why So Serious?” Philosophy

Chubbies is a company specializing in men’s shorts. Although only shorts are currently selling shorts, the style of shorts is up to more than 100. These shorts are bright, using Dad’s vintage elements, full of imagination, and looks inexplicably.

These shorts sell unexpectedly until 2013 is a state of supply. After growing in shorts, the brand has also expanded the product line, like a men’s swim, Hawaiian style T-shirt Nutter series, long-sleeved shirt, etc.

In Chubbies, tooling shorts and trousers are the enemies of their uncommon. The former is “the only 100% effective contraceptive form”, the latter is “necessary evil equipment designed for work week.” And the shorts of Chubbies flowers green “unfair”, in fact, “Why So Serious?” Philosophy, meaning: work is already so difficult, after 5 o’clock, go to get off work with Chubbies shorts together, why SO Serious?

Be good at using social media to do word of mouth marketing

One of the main benefits of social media is one of the main benefits of a clothing company, providing a visual perspective to contact consumers. Chubbies knows how to use social media for word-of-mouth marketing, and only in social media, Chubbies’s customers often share their own photos of shorts online, and often in other people’s photos to comment. Message. In this way, customers have become a very effective advertisement.

At the same time, the brand will also play “Why So Serious?” Philosophy. Weekly, Chubbies will launch funny videos on social media, like a joke, joke, and unmanned actions, in the moment of life, spoof Santa, etc. Pictures and content painting winds.

This “neuropathy” style makes Chubbies attracts the fans and Facebook on Twitter, “Dead Powder”. In the launched pool in the Olympics, “men’s pattern swimming” in the pool, the viewing volume exceeds 24 million.

This kind of social platform-style reputation promotion, plus the image of the brothers who don’t cover up, has won the CHUBBIES company, including 1490 Facebook fans, Twitter account 124,000 fans, 228,000 fans of the Instagram account Waiting for a large number of social platforms, even former US President Bush also has such shorts. All of these support has been transformed into the annual sales volume of Millions of shorts that CHUBBIES secretly announced.

Pay attention to the creation of the community economy

Under the aggressive impact of the Internet, traditional marketing is suitable, many brands have grown in the ground, and they have not been accused. In such a harsh background environment, the construction and maintenance of “fans loyalty” is particularly important. After all, which company, brand or product does not want the fans to be a little bit of confused cycle, some? Chubbies is the leader.

1. Original content and creative marketing

Quality Original Content and Creative Marketing is the magic weapon that Chubbies successfully captures a large number of loyal customers. Chubbies hires the editor of the THRILLIST Group to operate their social account, original articles and videos. The editors were screened from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat’s millions of fans to screen some uploaded to the official account, according to customer feedback and preferences to the official account.

Chubbies’s weekly advertising video and pictures in social accounts and transmits 7 million times, can also be seen in the AMOZON and EBAY forum. Chubbies is the most famous of men’s shorts and swimsuits and a range of surrounding products, making good reputation from the United States from the United States, and then popular in all walks.

2, do not need spokesperson, feedback from customer feedback

Chubbies’ brand culture can be summarized as: weekends, leisure, freedom, humor and true. Chubbies neonates models and actors endorsement and advertising, the propaganda content we have seen is all real customers, not only attracting a lot of fans watching and spreading, but also bigger reduction of video advertising costs, can be described as an arrow double carving.

In addition, customers have certain distrust of traditional TV commercials, while Chubbies can be directed by customers in the customer’s garden, participating in the most realistic life. Chubbies releases specific topics interaction with customers, and the best customer in shooting content will receive a reward.

3, “anti-elite” brand positioning, welcoming the elite class

Chubbies’ brand positioning is: Be elite as you want, the main customer group is a group of 18 to 25 years old, received by college education, hobby sports. In order to spread such a brand positioning, Chubbies organized an event on social networking sites: people wearing shorts to go to places where wearing trousers can go, such as high-grade restaurants, important conferences, etc., then take a horrified expression.

This event broke through 2 million in the hit rate of the social network. This event increases the brand exposure, and also to people: people who wear chubies are the elite of society, they are not afraid of others’ guidance, they are eligible to independence.

Subsequently, Chubbies continued to launch a variety of strange activities on social networking sites, and prepared to extend this online activity to the line, call on everyone to work together to liberate more “dull” elites. Slowly, “brainwashing” is not limited to college students, and there are consumers in society.

Currently, in the official website of Chubbies, a long-term recruitment of campus ambassadors. Requirements must be college students, it is best to be the best students in Ivy Campus. The conditions are demanding, but they can receive less than dozens. There are hundreds of students to cast applications, and they are eager to become a chubbies campus ambassador. Wish.

Complete $ 9 million A round finance, will open the women’s market

After Chubbies, the major brands have sky. From the luxury big brand Dior to the fast fashion brand H & M, it has launched a men’s shorts. In 2014, Chubbies explored non-short pants markets, launched vest series and various graffiti series.

According to the US website WWD, from 2011, Chubbis has been over $ 14 million in funds, including 9 million US A round financing in September this year. Brand Plan uses A round finance funds in San Francisco to build a factory, directly manage the company’s production process, and implement “modular” production methods.

Chubbies:掀起一场男士短裤革命 H&M、Dior争相模仿

Today, Chubbies has developed a series of men and plans to enter women’s clothing. To ensure product design, Chubbies will prepare and more new artists. It seems that the brand of men’s shorts is now “not working”. Or, we can think of it as an upgrade: no longer just a clothing brand, more like a carrier!