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medical health

1. Ceremony medical care has completed 100 million strategic financing, and the investors are blue sails.

Concentric medical treatment is a human heart auxiliary device developer, mainly developing artificial heart products with left ventricular auxiliary, right ventricular auxiliary and bicyclo auxiliary function, by implantation of artificial heart auxiliary devices next to the original heart, supplement the original Have a heart output that is unable to provide, helping users maintain health.

2. The US Dafu completed 5 million yuan angel round financing, and the investor has not been revealed.

The US doctor is a line online medical service provider, through the online platform and offline sharing surgery center, provides online consultation, appointment follow-up, offline medical treatment, providing the doctor with personal display platform – comprehensive background information, Real user evaluation and rankings and recommendations based on user evaluation, and multi-purpose locations.


Razorpay completes $ 75 million C round financing, by Ribbit Capital.

RazorPay is a network payment provider in India that provides a standardized cross-platform online payment service in India’s B2B and B2C services.

Corporate application

1. Beijing Guoheng completed 430 million yuan strategic financing, and the investor was a beautiful beauty.

Beijing Guoyheng is a property management service provider.

2. The NG information completes 8 million yuan angel round financing, which is led by Hongyou Investment.

Giqi information is a professional IT service company that provides big data analysis for catering enterprises, focusing on the big data cloud platform in the catering industry.

3. Entrepreneurship 36 is completed into millions of yuan angel round financing, and the investor is the capital, Hu Run.

Entrepreneurship 36 is a superposal connection platform, annual and research to prepare an authoritative list, industry white paper professional organization “Hu Run Baifu” to publish Xinxing corporate list, dedicated to excavation of China’s private economies and emerging economic economies Cooperation between promoting advanced experience in various fields.

4. The hot cloud data completed more than 100 million B + round financing, which was led by Fosun Group.

Hot cloud data is a third-party platform focused on mobile data monitoring and analysis, mainly providing third-party mobile data monitoring and analysis services, with advertising monitoring as entry points, focusing on large data system collection technology, data mining algorithm, user Behavioral analysis modeling and data application, etc.

Intelligent hardware

Kejin shares completed 20 million yuan strategic financing, and the investors were capital of China.


Kejin shares is an AGV robot R & D manufacturer, focusing on independent research and development of laser navigation AGV and logistics warehousing management systems, dedicated to providing customers with intelligent AGV logistics solutions.

Tool software

Meero completes $ 23 million C round financing, leading by Eurazeo, Prime Ventures, Avenir Growth.

Meero is a web photo beautifying a smart editing platform that allows users to easily get their own products or pretty photos. Focus on the real estate market, it will help real estate companies as much as possible.


The excellent products of Huang warehouse completed tens of millions of yuan, and the investors were IDG capital.

Wagang excellent products are a clothing brand operator, mainly engaged in clothing brands, sports brands, business leisure brands, shoes leather brands, children’s clothing brands.

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