I believe that everyone has eaten a lot of cookies, Xiaobian gave you the best cookie biscuits below the best, combined with the brand around the world ~ Carefully selected ~

10, Boolean Assorted Cookies

A classic assorted cookies, which are selected by raw materials, including chocolate cream, white cream, coffee cream, wavy chocolate and pure cream five flavors, each with exquisite and elegant Style, can’t help but eat the next piece, the taste is crisp, the taste is very pure.


9, Green’s Chunkies handmade curiosity

Handmade cookies from Australia, not much, but will not forget

8, Qihua Panda Cookies

Authentic Hong Kong flavor cookies, Qihua pie vectors have nearly a hundred years of history in Hong Kong, inheriting classic pastries making processes. This cookie filled with butter flavors, not a beautiful taste is unforgettable, Meng Meng Panda styling is even more eye-catching! Friends love is “eat” out, leisure time is worth sharing with girlfriends!

7. UK Walker’s Butter Biscuits

Walker’s butter biscuits from the UK, the parents who like Shortbread must have eaten a lot. This old name of the Scottish Butterflake has a history of the white coming years. Fresh crispy, full of rich pure butter flavor. Eat tired of Olio, Master Kong, Daliyuan, Crown Crate, the food of these supermarkets, want to improve the taste, try this.

6, blue can Denmark Cookies


Although it is already everywhere on the market, it is still worth recommending here. After all, its crispy sweet and delicious taste is recognized worldwide. Although the crown cookies made in Indonesia are more expensive, after all, it is authentic Denmark import, or has a fine taste difference. It is worth mentioning that most people prefer the circular models inside, crispy texture with the raisins of sticky teeth, don’t have a taste.

5, Canute Cookies


Obviously, you can push the value, but it is defimacted to the taste, a taste of the singular 6 countries.


Original import zero added, a mouth is full of milk, fragrant, crisp and delicious, the entrance is instant.

With a beautiful and fairy box and a romantic little poem, it is really divided into a child.

Each box is individually packaged, the iron box is clean, and the storage box can be made after eating.

4, Morozoff Cookies


Japan’s Morozoff almond cookies are selected from specific raw materials such as eggs, wheat, soybeans, without preservatives, carefully made, to create a healthy and delicious biscuit. Pick a full of almonds, with a crispy biscuit, a taste is satisfied. Almond fruit incense and cookies collide with cookies, and leave the leaves after eating.


3, Japanese Red Hat Cookies

With a noble small red hat, the Japanese Red Hat, which is known as the world’s most expensive cookie. The price of 95 grams in the supermarket was actually sold for more than 90 yuan. However, if you are a letter to give gifts, you can still consider this biscuit. As for the taste, although a variety of species, it is not necessarily everything. Like Xiaobian, I like the one of the long strips, very crisp.

2, Jenny Cook

Hong Kong’s most famous special cake shop Jenny Bakery Stores produced Jenny Bear Cookies, and the people who defeated Hong Kong, there are four flavors in a box, rich butter milk, sweet and not greasy, bite one The mouth cheek is fragrant, and the iron box with the bear is also very cute, with the collection value.

1, Kung Fu Bear Original Flower Cookies


Big flower cookies bloom your crispy sweet girl heart, sweet-sweet and spanza is the spring of the girl, eat one heart, delicate and mouth, delicious, bear pattern your favorite ~.

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