This summer is the day of the high school students to get a reach of the university feast. This is not, the cousin has a college, not to participate. In addition to preparing a big red envelope, the gift is naturally not less.

So I decided to give her a smart bracelet, I hope she does the management of time during the university, and exercising in the university, it is necessary to master the knowledge of learning and can’t forget the good habit of developing healthy sports.

dido R6 智能手环:送给准大学生表妹的礼物

To this end, Xiaobian also specially went to see several bracelets that were more popular in the current market, but I found more well-known, such as Xiaomi Bracelet 6, Huawei Bracelet 6, glory bracelet 6, price It is relatively high, and there is not much function, it may be that the price of the brand is too high.

So I decided to start the DIDO R6 bracelet. This bracelet is a healthy monitoring, and young people will not be sub-middle-aged people for health monitoring smart bracelets.

Appearance Gallery:

I bought it for my cousin, when I gave her, in order to let her cooperate with me, she also made her take a few photos. This bracelet is more than a hundred, no matter what kind of clothes, there is no problem with it.

Unpack the box, it is a bracelet, and there is an instruction manual. I am very curious about that this bracelet does not charge, I thought it was shipped at the beginning, the merchant forgot to send it, and later asked the customer service, it turned out to be inserted.

dido R6 智能手环:送给准大学生表妹的礼物

feeling of using:

The scientific skills of this bracelet are still very, which uses foreign chips. Moreover, the bracelet only needs to be opened, and the charging method is also very unique, no charging line, charger.掰 Stop strip can be inserted into the USB charging head, so you don’t need to worry about the charger that you can’t find, or there is no adaptive charger.

In functional performance, the strength of DIDO R6 does not be underestimated. It supports heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, temperature monitoring, sleep monitoring, call reminder, information reminder, sports mode, intelligent step, silent alarm, stopwatch, remote control photo, long time Sit reminder, find a lot of functions such as mobile phones, for young people, are some practical features.

Dido R6 This bracelet is more suitable for young students, especially those who have just learned from my cousin.

dido R6 智能手环:送给准大学生表妹的礼物

In the dial style and motion mode, the performance of this bracelet is also excellent. Dido R6 is equipped with a high-definition 0.96-inch IPS color screen, and the screen shows this very good.

dido R6 智能手环:送给准大学生表妹的礼物

It is especially to say that it also supports temperature measurement. DIDO R6 uses high precision thermistor principle, only 5 seconds can monitor body temperature, the error is small, only 0.2 ° C.

Dido R6 Smart Bracelet Although only 7 main dials have been brought, other dial styles can be downloaded from healthy App, so there are many styles available for young people who like a pattern.

dido R6 智能手环:送给准大学生表妹的礼物


If you want to buy a smart bracelet, you can choose DIDO R6. Not only is the price relative to the same type of smart bracelet, but it is necessary to have a lot of cheap, and there is a lot of products that have exceeded the same type. Dido’s brand is ranked in front of the smart bracelets in China, especially health monitoring this piece, strength is still possible.

dido R6 智能手环:送给准大学生表妹的礼物

Applicable people: junior high school students, high school students, college groups, and young people who have just entering the workplace can also choose, the price is not expensive, the function is much better, the health monitoring function is relatively good, the above is all the experience of this bracelet.