Handbags that are prone to a scratch, will be worn, and the ornaments are classic and durable. The correct cleaning and maintenance can make the jewelry to be more proud, and the iconic design will not be too easy.

Under the leadership of Hedi Slimane, Celine took the Triomphe logo of 1972 to everyone, and became a brand iconic symbol. In addition to being used in handbags, clothing, recently appeared on the ring.

Figure / CELINE official website screenshot

The Triomphe logo and the lift on the ring are created with brass materials. Look carefully, it can also find the word of CELINE. Although it is simple, it has higher identification and will not be easily eliminated.

Under the leadership of Daniel Lee, Bottega Veneta became a “three good students” in the fashion circle. In addition to explosive bags, shoes, ornaments are also connected to the goods.

Figure / Bottega Veneta official website screenshot


In recent years, Bottega Veneta has always shown a minimalist style, ornamental design is no exception. Classic Chain Ring ring although there is no logo, it is still possible to be recognized. The Chain ring does not have sexual restrictions, and it will not be too exaggerated while making personalities. It is suitable for girls in neutral wind. If you want to be different, you can consider another stacked design ring. The girls wear the beauty of the modern, and the boys can add fashion feelings to wear.

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