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Comprehensive introduction:


The child is always the palm of the parents, so the child’s safety problem is a place to focus on the parents. How to better protect your child, better guarantee the safety of children to school. It has become a major topic, and more and more smart wear devices have the safety of children’s safety. Today we have to evaluate the KT04 children’s color screen call watches in Abuachachi. Abardeen Abbene is the brand registered by Shenzhen Wuzhou Wireless Technology Co., Ltd., the KT04, Abbekyo, is the fourth-generation children’s watch developed by Ababa-cho, which has a large change in the top three generations. The shape has changed above the shape. There is a dynamic, more in line with children’s aesthetic views. The IP65 level waterproof can be implemented above, and the full touch screen function is added, and the screen is also made of black and white. It is also possible to realize a number of magical features such as one-click navigation.


“Open box and introduction”

▲ Amorachi KT04 packaging

▲ Ababa-cho KT04 bottom

The KT04 received by the author is a blue, and the KT04 of Abuachi is also pink, orange, and green. Ababachi KT04 packaging box is packaged in a hard plastic barrel with a diameter of 100mm and a height of 90mm. The surface is a promotional drawing of the product, the bottom indicates product information, contains content and a QR code downloading love accompanying software.


▲ KT04 accessories in Abuachi

Open the box to take out the fitting, the packaging is divided into two-layer soft foam to fix the fitting, very secure and can effectively prevent collision. The upper layer is fixed is a watch, and the next layer is fixed is a charger and a part box, indicating the bottom of the box in the box.

▲ Amawachi KT04 parts box

The part box contains 2 small screws, 1 small screwdriver, 1 dedicated data cable. The screw is only 3mm, very small, pay attention to keeping it. The adopted screwdriver head does not magnetize and is inconvenient when installing the screw. The data line is not a common standard Micro-USB charging port, which uses a magnetic adsorption method, simple and easy to operate, and children can operate independently. The data line is estimated to be unique, so the data line should pay attention to save.


▲ Appahubachi KT04 explanatory box


Note 1 instructions in the box, 1 warranty card, 1 travel card, 1 certificate, 1 film.


“Equipment introduction”

▲ Ababachi KT04 watch

▲ Ababachi KT04 watches size

Abukyo KT04 watch dials and straps are integrated, the front is a 0.96-inch OLED color screen, the resolution is 96 * 64. The strap is used to eat silica gel, soft and comfortable to prevent allergies and do not fade. The microphone is below the color screen, the handset above the color screen. It’s clear and very intuitive. The watch battery capacity is 500mAh, full of electric standby 2-3 days. Note that the SIM card used by the watch needs to turn traffic, 30m or more / month flow.

▲ Abahi KT04 watch button instructions

Ababachi KT04 watches have four solid buttons, respectively, on the left / off button, confirm that the key / dialed family number 2 / recording / send voice. One-button SOS call function on the right, switch button / adjustment volume, call the affection number 1, switch the key / adjust the volume. A touch return button in a screen.


▲ Ababachi KT04 watch back

The back of the watch is labeled a sticker marked with the IMEI code and the QR code. The IMEI code is an ID card for each watch. When using the software binding watch, you need to manually enter the IMEI code or scan the following QR code for binding. . Tear off the stickers and the sensing device and charging interface of the SIM card slot, fall off alarm. Just use a randomly distributed screwdriver to open (take care of the screwdriver to prevent the phone card after loss).

▲ Appaubachi KT04 power adapter

Power adapter input: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz, output: 5V ~ 500mA. Enter is a broadband voltage, so there is a national door, just add a converted head, the watch can continue to use (of course you have to open international roaming ~~~).

【actual use】

▲ Ababa-cho KT04 binding mobile phone


Download the love accompanying software according to the flow of the two-dimensional code in the bottom of the box. After logging in through a third-party account (WeChat), the IMEI QR code to scan the on the back of the phone is bound. According to the prompt to complete the improvement of the watch information, and add a family number, up to 60 numbers can be added.

▲ Appaubachi mobile phone function interface


▲ App Abukyachi mobile phone setting interface

The watch is automatically synchronized after completing the binding of the phone. The mobile phone app also has a function key, and the mobile app is still very comprehensive, and each function is clear, people feel simple and straightforward. Next, the positioning, calling, and listening are tested during the actual use process. Call only adds the phone on the family number to make a call, which prevents children from being called, and the family is not called on the watch. Can effectively prevent harassment phones. In the actual use process, you can touch the avatar for a call, or press the button to make a call, convenient and fast. Monitoring is actually one-way call function, the watch automatically calls a parent phone in the background, parents can hear the sound around the watch. In the process of use, the watch users are not perceived if the monitor is found. There is no point of reminder of the watch (it can be used as a stealing device).

The positioning of KT04 in Abuacho determines the exact position of the watch according to satellite positioning, base station positioning, WiFi positioning. The positioning is still rapid in actual use, and the positioning is also relatively accurate, and the Map of Gao De is used.


▲ Ababa-cho positioning, voice, accompanying features

Of course, the KT04 of Abuachi also includes practical functions such as electron accompanying, historical location, voice. It is convenient for parents to quickly guide their children where they are in.

“Summary Evaluation”


Appahumachi KT04 has been tested by call, listening and positioning, and it feels very nice. Clear calls, positioning is also fast, accurate. Plus its bright colors and convenient operations attracted children’s attention. Practical features and all-round monitoring attract parents’ attention. Abahi-cho is fully cared, letting children are healthy and healthy, and have a colorful childhood.

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▲ Amorachi KT04 packaging