In the summer, it is coming. Many treasure moms may have also seen a lot of baby sunscreen, including some evaluation articles. But in the eyes of stupid, most of these articles are not enough, many of the professionalism of many evaluation is not strong.

This issue, stupid to integrate the results of the evaluation of multiple authoritative neutral institutions, to analyze which baby sunscreen brands are trustworthy, which is not worth trustworthy.

The reason why the evaluation of these assessment agencies is analyzed.

The results of the evaluation between different agencies can also be map each other and can improve the degree of origin of the choice.

Pay attention, there are many big-name products in the performance of the assessment.

Key points

1,1 years old should not use sunscreen, sunscreen to physically block.


2, 6 years old, not recommended sunscreen, pure physical sunscreen safer.

3, pure physical sunscreen sunscreen effect is generally poor than chemical sunscreen.

4, the SPF value does not meet the label brand a lot.

It is not recommended for sunscreen sprays under 5 or 6 years old.

6, sunscreen is always just supplemented, no matter whether the child is still adult, the first choice for sunscreen is not sunscreen.

Test agency introduction:

1. The US “Consumer Report”, the world’s first institution of consumer goods compare tests, is also the largest comparative testing institution in the world’s influence. (Hereinafter referred to as “Consumer Report”)

2, the German Commodity Testing Foundation (Stiftungwarentest), there are nearly 60 years of commodity comparison test history, and is also the most professional and most influential testing mechanism in Europe. (Hereinafter referred to as the “test” of Germany)


3, the US Environmental Working Group (EWG), folk non-profit environmental protection agencies, dedicated to the detection and rating of toxic and hazardous substances in the product. (Hereinafter referred to as EWG)

4, Shenzhen Consumer Quality Consumer Institute, China Consumer Protection Committee related institutions. (Hereinafter referred to as deep hospital)

testing sample:

1. “Consumer Report”: 73, Europe and American brand is the main.


2, Germany “Test”: 38. European and American brands are main.

3, US EWG: 149. European and American brands are main.

4. Received: 13. Including European and American systems, Japanese and domestic brands.

■ All test samples include chemical sunscreen, including pure physical sun protection, and physical + chemical sunscreen.


Test indicator:

UVB protection (SPF value): The ability to protect the UVB wavelength in the solar ultraviolet line is also the ability to suck and anti-skin cancer.

UVA protection (PA value or broad spectrum sunscreen): The protection capability of UVA wavelengths in the sun UVA is also the ability to suck and anti-skin cancer.

Safety: It is easy to cause skin allergies and hormone disorder in sunscreen.

Performance: Sketch, waterproof, odor, easy degree, etc.

Test Methods:

International general sunscreen anti-UVB test is to take a real person under the laboratory sun simulator, but the real person test is strict, high cost, and it will harm to test volunteers. But the result is more reliable.

Let’s feel the scene of “Consumer Report” and the “test” of Germany:

▲ UVB test

▲ UVA test

In the test of the experience, multiple different skin test results will be more objective.

From the reference value of the test, the American “Consumer Report” and the “test” of the German “test” are more reliable, and it also has a reference value.

The US EWG rating is more important to security, and rating data is based on scientific literature review and cosmetic component safety database SkIndeep system, score the ingredient safety of sunscreen products.


At the same time, the sunscreen effect of sunscreen is simulated by using data modeling (percentage of active ingredients used in the absorbance spectrum used in the active ingredient), and the efficacy of the product is calculated by calculating the projection spectrum of the product active combination.


The Shenzhen Quality Research Institute uses the method of laboratory testing and animal experiment testing, only safety testing.

Comprehensive institutions as of 2018 evaluation, stupid dads have tested them, domestic consumers are also more familiar with the brand, and see how the trust of these brands is.




Leather spring

Brand Trust: ★★★★★

French L’Oreal brand. Sunscreen products are made in a multi-test in Germany and the United States.

In 2015, “Laroche-Posaysamtigesonnenschututz-Milch, Antheliosdermo-kids was rated” Good “in the” test “in Germany.

In 2017, “VichycapitalSoleilspf 60SunScreen) scored 100 points in the US” Consumer Report “test, and the evaluation is” excellent “.

▲ old packaging new packaging

In 2018, “Laroche-Posayantheliosxlwetskingel” was “good” in the “test” in Germany.




Brand trust:



German brand. In the multiple tests conducted by the “test” of Germany, no matter the sunscreen under 6 years old, it is still a sunscreen over 6 years old, the performance is good.

In 2015, “NiveasunkidspflendesonnenMilch),” NiveasunkidspureSensitivesonnenspray “two product rating is” good “;

▲ Nivea Sun Children’s Sunscreen


▲ Nivei Sun Children Sensitive Sunscreen Spray

In 2018, “NiveasunSchutzpflege” was rated “good” in the test of children with children over 6 years old.

Nivea’s baby sunscreen has different series of sunscreen, sunscreen spray, sunscreen balls. Sun protection is suitable for baby, sunscreen spray and sunscreen beads suggest that children over 6 years old, otherwise there is risky and allergic risk.




American brand. Relative to the baby cream, Iwa’s sunscreen is not so famous. However, it is worth recommending.


In Ewg’s rating, Ivino’s pure physical sunscreen “Baby Sensitive skin sunscreen” (SPF50) security and efficacy is the best “level 1”.

Another product “Avino Omemato Moisturizing Sprifment SPF30” is divided into 84 points in the evaluation of “Consumer Report” in 2017, belongs to the recommended products.



Water baby


The United States has a series of beautiful products. Different series of performance is different.

Its chemical sunscreen “Coppertonewaterbabiesspf50lotionsunscreen” scored 95 points in the “Consumer Report” test in 2018, evaluating “excellent”.

However, in the same test, another physical + chemical sunscreen – “Coppertonewater Babiesmineralbasedspf50lotionsunScreen score is only 32 points.

When this product is sold in China, the promotion has become pure physical sunscreen, but it is actually physical + chemical sunscreen. When the mom is purchased, you should pay attention.


In terms of security, the water baby’s multiple products in the US EWG is in the “moderate harm” level in the 3-5 level in the safety assessment of EWG.



California Baby

American brand. EWG variety of products in the history of the ratings are good, “California Baby Calendula sunscreen SPF30” (CaliforniaBabycalendulabroadspectrumSPF30 + sunscreen) and “California Baby Super Sensitive Sunscreen SPF30” (CaliforniaBabysummerblendbroad spectrum SPF30 + sunscreen) in 2017 as a safety rating The best “level 1”. However, there is no need to enter the EWG for 2018.


▲ California baby golden chrysanthemum sunscreen SPF30

▲ California baby super sensitive sunscreen

In the safety test of the Shenzhen Quality Consumer Research Institute, “California Baby Diachu Sunscreen SPF30” has also obtained five-star evaluation.

But one of the products Californiakids # SuperSensitivelotionpf30 + SunScreen is divided into 55 points in the “Consumer Report” history. Performance is general.



American brand. Thinbaby is high in Amazon and domestic sales, and there are also many recommended articles to recommend it, which may be highly related to its safety evaluation from EWG. In EWG’s latest (12-year) evaluation report, Thinkbaby and ThinkSport security evaluation and efficacy evaluation are also the best level “level 1”.

However, ThinkBaby in the “Consumer Report” assessment in 2018, the sunscreen capacity is “poor”, the SPF value and the nominal value are not worthy, and the score is only 41 points.

ThinkSport adults in the “Consumer Report” 2017 evaluation, its SPF value is also informal with the nominal value.

Considering that the “consumer report” human test is more important than EWG model analysis, it is closer to the actual situation. So, the stupid father gives it a trust of only Samsung.


Gannique Baby


American brand. In the test of “BabykanicSmineral-BasedlotionPF50 + Sunscreen] in the test of Shenzhen consumption quality research, the safety rating is 5 stars, but in the” Consumer Report “2018 evaluation, this product’s UVA In general, the UVB protection capacity is poor, the SPF value and the label are not called, and the total score is only 22 points, which belongs to not recommended products.





American brand. In the unhefetrical list of EWG, there are three product overall rating to 7-10, which belongs to “high harm”.

But there is also a product being rated as the best “level”. Neutrogena PurefreebabysunScreenspf60+.


Banana boat


American brand. In the unhefetrical list of EWG, the banana ship has three product safety grades were rated 7-10, which belongs to “High Risk”.

In the “Consumer Report” 2018 evaluation, BananaboatkidsSportlotionPF50 + SunScreen anti-UVB ability, SPF value and nominal do not match, the score is only 27 points, which belongs to “bad” evaluation.



American brand. In the unhefetrical list of EWG, it is indeed the total rating of the four products with the total rating of Level 7, the security risk is high, and the efficacy is also general.

Test results summary

The above 10 brands are more European and American brands, and there is relatively high recognition in China. Some of the specific rating results, you can refer to the following tables. Stupid Dad is finishing 2018.


▲ US “Consumer Report” 2018 test

▲ US EWG “12 years” recommended and not recommended

In fact, there are still some brands, although there is not high in domestic visits, and the network Shanghai Amoy channel is also limited, but the results of the evaluation are very good, the price is cheap, and the rating of the skin, Niwei, etc. will have higher. For example, in the “test” in Germany, German local supermarket brands have been prominent:

In addition, German Xibao and Children’s Sunscreen in Avene in France in Historical Test is also good.

Japanese and domestic reference

In China, there is also a better sunscreen product, such as Anung Sand, and Gang Tang, Pigeons rarely appear in these European and American tests, and other institutions test can be referred to.

Shenzhen Quality Consumer Research Institute has been tested last year because only safety tests, so the test results are only for your reference. Safety is not equivalent to sunscreen, some may still be opposite.


▲ ingredient safety reference “Beautiful practice”


Baby sunscreen consumption TIPS


1. Avoid risk ingredients

Baby skin in 6 years old is delicate and sensitive, and the safety requirements are relatively high. You can refer to the Ingredients safety rating of the US EWG:

The security index is divided into 1-10 levels, the higher the value, the less secure. Among them, 1-2 grade is a low hazard, and 3-6 belongs to moderate hazards, and 7-10 is highly harmful.

When purchasing, high-risk ingredients, avoiding sunscreen products with oxybenketate for active. (Figure 5)

2. Don’t use sun protection spray

The US Food and Drug Administration has found that sunscreen sprays have potential dangers. The chemical composition may be inhaled in the lung, which may also be injured in the vicinity of open fire.

3. Children recommend using physical sunscreen

The United States of America recommends choosing purely physically sunscreen products (active ingredients with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) to reduce skin allergies.


Most of the chemical sunscreen products (containing ultraviolet absorbers) have a certain degree of skin permeability, which may have an impact on the human body.


Brand trust:

Brand trust:

Brand trust:


Brand trust:

Brand trust:


Brand trust:

Brand trust:


Brand trust:





▲ A baby in Canada caused a severe allergic reaction due to the use of banana ship children’s anti-sun spray (SPF50 +).

4. Do not recommend nano-level physical sunscreen

The US Food and Drug Administration reminded that the particles of nano-grade physical sunscreen spray are very easy to enter the lungs, causing lung injury, and children should completely avoid this product.

5. Baby under one year is not recommended to use sunscreen

Baby delicate skin and metabolism may be allergic to certain ingredients in sunscreen. The US Children’s Science Association recommends that infants below 6 months should avoid direct sunlight.

6. Apply sunscreen to pay attention to the amount and time

Parents should take care of children, evenly apply, otherwise they cannot achieve effective sun protection. Coated to the sun 20 minutes in advance, and it should be replenished once every two hours or a large number of exercises.

7, select SPF value according to actual needs

The SPF value is not, better, select according to its own usual environment, such as daily outdoor, seaside and swimming pool, travel and outdoor sports.

8. How to clean the sunscreen?


If you are using pure physical sunscreen, try to wash it with water or warm water, if the water cannot be cleaned, you can use a baby oil or a mild child shower gel.

Children, children’s skin is very delicate, avoiding adult sewers, and should not use adult to make up with makeup products.

9. Sunscreen is not a major sun protection for children

Not only children, the preferred sunscreen measures are not sunscreen. Sunscreen ingredients are complex, often cause adverse reactions, especially very sensitive infants. And sunscreen cannot be 100% blocked the ultraviolet line, so it can only be used as a supplemental means of sunscreen.


Sunscreen preferred sunscreen, sunscreen cap, parasol, etc., and finally sunscreen.

Ok, this period is here! Hope it helps you.

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