TOP1: [No 跟] Kora Choice combed cotton four-season sock 5 pairs

超好用的8款夏袜大集合 值得收藏

From China Koala’Schoice Koala, Koala’Schoice mainly “new throttle”, refuses to waste, refuses high brand premium, producing high-quality goods, positioning near the price price to achieve abundance is not luxurious , No pain, no Zhang Yanyu. The whole brand uses a risk to make users enjoy the high-frequency essential items that are more cost-effective, such as living home, personal washing, etc., not leaving home, enjoy exquisite life. Use the high-quality combed cotton in the Aksu area in Xinjiang, and the unique natural geographical environment creates a healthy cotton material, breathable and moisturizing, and maintains a refreshing environment of the foot. It is not easy to produce odors. The current market price of 79 yuan, Koala black card price is 29.9 yuan. If you purchase black card members, you are expected to save 39.11.20 yuan.

超好用的8款夏袜大集合 值得收藏

TOP2: Color [10 pairs] Ship socks women summer thin section shallow mouth ice silk invisible socks silica gel non-slip cotton bottom socks spring and autumn latte socks

超好用的8款夏袜大集合 值得收藏

From China Pincai Color, Color, as young and energetic new generation brands, Zhejiang Dream Socks Co., Ltd., advocates “texture, fashion, vitality”, young, healthy, fashionable style, fashion, not Zhang, Simple but not keen, with smooth fashion elements, build high-quality fashion socks, let consumers feel the taste and value of life, and embark on the way to interpret “Charm of Color”. High heel artifact / silicone non-slip / cotton bottom!

TOP3: Cotton Cottontown mesh high stockings summer thin section ultra-thin baby stockings newborn baby cotton high tube socks

From the Cottontown Cotton Hall, Cotton Hall has developed from the initial entrepreneurial team, which has developed into 10 parallel sectors, and all aspects have changed, and only the initial heart is unchanged. Emerson said that “the secret to cultivate good people is to let him live in nature.” Nature is our constant theme. The cotton hall can do, not only with a temperature of cotton to make the baby to keep warm. We draw natural material and color schemes from nature, rebuild your baby and nature, and open a natural journey. The breathable mesh is hand-boneless.

TOP4: Langsha [10 pairs] men’s Internet breathable summer ice cool breathable business socks men ultra-thin

超好用的8款夏袜大集合 值得收藏

Langsha, Langsha, Langsha, Langsha, not just attractive. Have “Langsha”, not only enjoying the comfort, wearing, healthy characteristics, but also a high-level identity symbol, the reflection of the top life. Put on “Langsha”, stretch confidence, and make a beautiful “second layer” skin, long-term use, plastic creature, and have a noble and elegant temperament, but will not only attract “eye” feelings. Langsha – accompanied by your life with beautiful, romantic, fashionable, confident. Summer light men’s stockings business casual refreshing and breathable stretch foot rebounded good tantroe floor gift box packaging.

超好用的8款夏袜大集合 值得收藏

TOP5: Classic Teddy Classic Teddy Children’s Socks Four Seasons Cotton Socks 5 Paragraph Gift Box Male and Girl Cotton Sock Summer Air Conditioning House Essential Accessories Stereo Animal Network

From China Classicteddy Classic Teddy, a classic Teddy Classicteddy brand started with children’s wear, and has more than 40 years of clothing production and manufacturing experience, emphasizing advanced texture, exquisite tailoring. Classic Teddy ClassicTeddy is a royal nor’s hand-made tailor-made unique. The goods are exquisite and elegant. It is always more elegant and taste to play with wearing. Classic Teddy Classicteddy interprets the trend of the new season with its stylish touch, let childhood sweet integrate into fashionable colors. Soft elastic gentle package breathable online stockings and summer more match.

TOP6: [99 yuan optional 18] Bao Nas [6 pairs] spring and summer ultra-thin stockings women’s pantyhose anti-hook stockings women’s slimming invisible sexy anti-deducting bottom socks

Bonas Bonas Bonas, Bonas is a bundle brand of China Baoanus Group’s 10 years of fence, product involves socks, boutique underwear, fashion homes, etc. Babanyas learned the essence of the European fashion concept, sensitively captured international new epidemic elements, and hired Italian well-known designers Andreadalprato as the brand chief designer, creatively introduced “Milan design “The concept of” and “the European fashion and the East fashion is very good, leading the international fashion” new height. 15D ultra-thin anti-hook stockings – Lin Zhiling endorsement.

TOP7: Original foot [7 pairs] invisible socks men’s short socks spring and summer thin section cotton wild shallow mouth socks set silicone anti-root free 印 印 袜 7 7 星 星 星 星

From China former, the original brand brand begins in 2013, in the “quality is the life of the brand, the market is the foundation of the brand,” the customer is the brand’s God “, is committed to product optimization and upgrading. There are currently two main production lines, a high-quality high-quality single price product for high-quality customers; another low-net value-high price product is available. On the basis of respective production lines, focusing on the status of the store people, deep excavation of the guest group structure, such as the customer’s occupational distribution, consumer shopping habits, etc. Men’s cotton ultra-thin breathable invisible socks sun sock couple socks.

TOP8: Tincoco [10 pairs] Summer ice silk cotton bottomless jacquard sweat-absorbent shallow mouth invisible low socks

超好用的8款夏袜大集合 值得收藏

From Italy Tincoco, Tincoco Main ladies underwear, bra, underwear, home service, socks, etc. Detail of detail. The high-expression self-expression of women’s fashion is high, while bringing unique idle mood. Ice silk material, delicate and refreshing, good breathable. Cotton socks, skin health, sweat breathable, not easy to be smell. Shallow mouth anti-skid design, invisible, fashion and wearing, can’t fall.