Christmas made a very interesting bread, antlers salt could In addition to high oil high sugar Pannoni, 咕 咕霍夫, there are some low sugar low oil breads to choose, and wear ancient spirits in the head, interesting and delicious.

By Juish Zhou Zhou [Bean Fruit Food Official Certification Daren]



Pasta formula

Golden Dragon Food House Gluten Bad Powder 320g


Golden Dragon Family Cake Powder 80g

Golden Dragonfish whole wheat flour 50g


Salt 7.5g


Fine sugar 25g


Fresh yeast 7.5g

Milk 75g


Water 250g

25g wrapped in butter

5 grams of salt butter, a total of 5 18 pieces


Sea salt

Practice steps


1. Put the butter in the outside group in the chef machine


2, slowly knead the face to the dough, change it to quickly knead, to the dough smooth

3, can pull out the thick film

4, add butter at this time

5. Continue slowly to knead the face to butter completely integrated, and then quickly knead the face to the dough to completely expand the stage


6, after the removal of the dough, organize the dough into the wake-up box, two times larger, 28 degrees 75% about 50 minutes

7, the dough is divided into 60 g of each, and the circle is round, put in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

8, then become a water droplet shape, cover the film, the refrigerator 2 degree refrigerated one night

9, exhaust the dough, the rolling pin is poured in the triangle, put a butter in the upper part

10, from top to bottom

11, then grow up

12. Putting a V shape, scissors cut out antlers shape

13, 28 degree humidity 75% fermentation 1 hour


14, 185 degrees for 15 minutes, into the steam for 3 seconds

15, baked

16, delicious whole wheat deer salt can be done well


17, the skin fragrance is crunchy, and the inner mile is chewed, very delicious.

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