Watches Group, well-known brands are basically from foreign Europe. So did I not represent the big Chinese? The internship sister never eccentrically, take everyone to see the high-quality tables manufactured by China.

Fei Yada Group FIYTA GROUP


Founded in 1987, Shenzhen Fei Yada (Group) Co., Ltd. is the only list of listed companies in the territory.


Fei Yada’s meeting high round round, ancient sky music

Fei Yada integrates, design, manufacturing, and sales, with “Fei Yada” famous brand and “Hengti” commercial brand, marketing network covers the country and extends abroad. Fei Yada ranks first in China and should be a deputy.

Feiya four-leaf grass series quartz female table

In 2007, Fei Yada was independently developed space-enhanced titanium material and applied to a watch, and the patents of this wrist watch were maintained. Many of Fei Yada, with stainless steel as matrix, coated a layer of reinforced titanium (DLC) by special processes on the surface of the watch.

Fei Yada Space Series Mechanical Men’s Watch

The hardness of the DLC film is several times that of steel steel, compared to the general steel or titanium, space-intensified titanium has a higher hardness, lighter quality, and other advantages, and more harmful human skin. Fei Yada professional watch brand, many times with China Astronauts to fight space, with its excellent performance to achieve the legendary story.


Seagull Group Sea-Gull Group


Tianjin Seagull Watch Corporation is the main body of Tianjin Watch Factory and is a company group consisting of sixteen watches professional manufacturers and four joint ventures.


Enterprises are now manufactured by manufacturing mechanical watches, electronic watches, quartz clocks, special timepieces (including construction clocks) and national defense mechanical timing products, precision machining and electronic device processing supporting multiple series of products.

In 1955, China’s first watch was born in Tianjin. The company declared the establishment and repeated milestones of the Chinese national watch industry; China’s first electronic watch, the first independent (self) mechanical watch (Dongfeng table) and The first female watch that is only in line with international standards is born here.

SEA-GULL seagull watch multi-function series mechanical men’s watch

At the same time, Tianjin Watch Factory jointly created China’s first export watch (seagull table). Today, the seagull watch still has a place in the country-owned state-owned enterprise brand in the domestic and foreign watch market.

Shanghai Group Shanghai Group

In 1958, the Shanghai Watch Factory officially built factory, producing the first Shanghai card watch, rewriting the Chinese can only form a history of can’t make a table.


In the 1970s, the Shanghai card watches should purchase tickets, and more than 30 years have passed, and the watch is everywhere. The scenery of the Shanghai card watch is no longer, the successful men have reached out to the foreign old names such as Jiang Shi Doint, Rolex, Omega. People who like to be spectacular also pay attention to the limited edition of the golden shell, a diamond, sapphire glass.

Shanghai Shanghai Cultural Series Machinery Men’s Watch

However, in the Hong Kong and Taiwan entertainment circle, the Shanghai card watches have been sought after, and there is no lack of convulsions in the mainland youth, and the old Shanghai brand mechanical watch will always cause a scream. In the collection circle, the Shanghai card watch has become a new highlight.


Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Business Series Machinery Men’s Watch

Trendy world brand clothes, with a Shanghai brand old-fashioned watch, this is a unity of time and space, and a new fashion in Hong Kong and even Europe and the United States.

Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Tyeling Series Machinery Men’s Watch

As a “old three”, there is still a broad market potential in the 21st century. Can be used for collection, send people, this kind of delivery is a good gift. The brand-containing gold content of “Shanghai” is the historical and cultural container of 58 years.

Beijing Group Beijing Group

The Beijing Watch Factory was established in 1958 and is located in the back garden of Beijing – Changping. The factory is sitting in the north of north, backing against the army, bird’s eye view of the Wenyu River. For half a century, the Beijing watches formed a corporate culture of “humanism, collaboration, truth-seeking, innovation”.

Beijing Being Hunter Series Machinery Men’s Watch

Beijing watches are one of the earliest watch brands in China. Since its brand, it has continuously improved its own tabulation technology. In the actual production combined with Switzerland watchmaking process, 2004 Red Limited Touring Watch is China’s first production and sales of advanced watches!

Tiantian Group Tian Wang Group

The Tianshi is founded by Mr. Dong Guanming, founded in August 1988, is the listed company in Singapore, Hong Kong watch, the Websites, Weibu Company.

King TIAN Wang Business Leisure Machinery Men’s Watch


“The Tianshi Table is accurately reported” This is the slogan in the NPC in the 1990s. Since then, the King’s watch brand has risen rapidly in China, and it has grown into domestic well-known watchdrop brands.

King TIAN WANG Waterproof Machinery Men’s Watch

With many senior senior designers, the company has a sharp market tactile and extraordinary creativity, combined with modern perfect tangible craftsmanship, design 18K gold series, full tungsten steel series, tungsten steel series, whole steel series, multi-functional sports series, automatic machinery Series, fashionable women’s series, precision ceramic series and environmental power series and other series of a total of hundreds of watches.

Guancheng Clock Jewelry Group

The Guancheng Watch Jewelry Group is the first China Haidian Group Co., Ltd. This fine change has almost no news, but the impact on the Chinese watch industry is not to be underestimated. This is a business leader in a clock watch design, R & D, manufacturing and sales.


Flag watch brand:


Rossini Rosini

In October 2008, Haidian Group acquired 91% of Zhuhai Rosini clock with HK $ 525 million. At the end of the same year, the Group established a PAMA brand and manufactured a famous auble clock.


Rosini Moon Satisfaction Quartz couple table men and women

“Rosini” pointer style quartz watch is the leading product of Rosini, which is deeply trusted by consumers with extremely personal, excellent quality, excellent performance and perfect after-sales service, and “Rossi” Ni “has also become one of the three major brands in the domestic watch industry.


EBOHR Imposion

The equity table is not only a single brand, but also a rich sub-product line. There are also two sub-brands of Yufei and Kana, produce advanced complex watches and ladies jewelry watches. Yu Fei has a hollow, tourbillon, normative pointer, and moon phase, these complex function watches, is one of the advanced watches of domestic brands.

EBOHR Athena series waterproof quartz female table


Yunnian Hua is a Hundred Years of the Switzerland (old name called Inta), founded in 1856, the brand has a long history. It is very famous abroad, but there is less common in China, the positioning is not low, the workmanship and quality are good. In 2011, it was acquired by Guancheng Group.


Eternal ETERNA-KONTIKI series

The Yinnawa belongs to the two types of brand name, which is currently mainly sold by ETERNA and PORSER Design watches, and the factory is located in Switzerland Grenchen.


Poscer Bao Shijie Design

Bao Shijie watch is one of the domestic watch brands from Shenzhen. Because the name is similar to German car brand Porsche (Porsche), it is often mistaken to be a watch of Porsche.

Bao Shijie Ms. hollowing machine

Bao Time Covered Watch in many domestic watch brands is a new sharp, meaning: expensive, fashion, Junjie, is the perfect combination of modern noble life and fashion pursuit of new century.

Corum Kunlun

The Kunlun Table is a Swiss high-end watchmaking brand, which was founded in 1955 by René Bannwart and its uncle Gaston Ries. Brand is elite people from all walks of life, through design, manufacturing all kinds of advanced watch series. Kunlun has a self-produced movement, the most famous is the Kunlun Jinqiao series.

Kunlun Jinqiao Dragon Series Watch

Codex Hao


In 2009, Crown Group set up a mechanical watch brand Codex, which is designed and manufactured in Switzerland to create high-end Swiss mechanical watch brands with Switzerland technology. Committed to combining classic Swiss movements with modern innovation design, interpretation of the new variation of Swiss watch.

Hao Codex-Identity Identity Series Mechanical Men’s Watch


Hao has a huge and professional design craftsman team. For excellence, Codex Hao is strive for fineness, and strive for quality control. It strives to have a waterproof performance of 50 meters.


Although my country’s watch is manufactured late, it is difficult to achieve international leadership. But now China’s manufacturing is constantly developing, so our domestic watches still have many advantages and huge potential. Therefore, we should also maintain support and optimism!