When you mention the lazy person, who is your first thing? It is a honest group that does not go out for a week, is a good girlfriend who wears a character to drag down the building, or would rather you want to play friends to play games and don’t want to date the “righteousness” boyfriend?

Loosers are the same as food, it is one of the huge species of this planet. Give them a gift, it is best not to trouble, if you can let them move less, then it is better, today is recommended, this kind of rare weird Life artifact.

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Drink helmet

Watching the ball to play the necessary drink cap, can pull the canned drink on both sides, then drink two bottles together with the straw, don’t worry, no longer afraid of it!


2. Lazy tablet bracket

For lazy people, what is much more comfortable to watch video on the bed? This lazy bracket allows you to lift your hands, no trouble.

3. USB mini fridge

Hot summer, I want to drink ice, but I am too lazy to go downstairs. I have no frozen and not drink. With this small power mini refrigerator, let you drink freezing drinks at any time in the dormitory, office, and car.


Of course, girls can also be used to store chocolate, cosmetics, have a variety of capacities optional.

4. Lounter

Summer raid rain, always wet the shoes. With this cute out of the shoe, it’s dry for an hour, say goodbye to annoying wet shoes. Southern wet winter, can also be used to warm shoes ~

5. Automatic stirring coffee cup

For lazy people, it is too much trouble to stir in the feeding drink. Send TA this cup, press the button automatically stir, both cool and convenient, absolutely very surprised.

Of course, if you think that the Taihang is born above, there is also the following cute milk cow to choose oh ~


6. Automatically cut Apple

I like to eat apples, but every time I think that I want to peel, I feel very troublesome. With this artifact, I will never be lazy without eating fruit.


7. USB computer vacuum cleaner set


This mini USB vacuum cleaner is designed for cleaning the computer, making TA no longer uses dust and dirt in the computer.

8. Love Warrior Automatic Squeeze Tub


Otaku artifact! The super convenient and cute brush set in the tubule barrel, toothbrush rack, mouth cup.


Put the toothpaste on the head, hold the toothbrush, the lower body is a mouthwash, as long as the toothbrush is expanded, you can automatically extrude the toothpaste.

9. Variety of bath towels that can be wear


There is such a class of people, even if it is taking a bath, it is too troublesome. For this unhappy lazy, send this gift is most suitable. The big bath towel is worn, you can transform into the bath towel, you can also be a beach skirt while vacation.


10. Cola inverted water dispenser

If there is a lazy people’s rank list, I want the otaku to be in the column of Trica. In the face of this drink fanatic species, it is very suitable. Just give the beverage bottle mouth to the base of the base, tighten it hard, then reverse the drink, and turn the handle can take a drink ~

11. Lazy laptop table

Lazy people don’t have to put the fever on the legs, this bottom hollow small computer desk, not only makes the computer heat dissipation, but also adjust the placement angle, even if it is lying on the bed.

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