This year 56-year-old Liu Lanfang, Qingyang sachet has been doing for 48 years. (Information) Zhang Yuchen photo

BEIJING, Lanzhou, August 31 (Reporter Feng Zhijun) in addition to the Dragon Boat Festival to wear, sachet can play what tricks? In Qingyang City, Gansu Province, “after 95” young man and his mother Zhang Yuchen Liu Lanfang, combined with skills developed sachet embroidered brooches, earrings, pendants zodiac, so that the local folk arts spread for thousands of years, into the everyday life of contemporary youth.

“8-year-old sewing school, 12-year-old into Xiufang, into the Xiufang embroidered mandarin duck, a hundred different stories are embroidered on.” This is the first Qingyang folk, is Liu Lanfang’s portrayal of growing up. The 56-year-old, she, along with his 8-year-old grandmother, the mother of learning embroidery sachets, pillows, shoes, hats and so on.

In 2006, the local girls had just compulsory Qingyang sachet embroidery skills, because three-dimensional modeling, color bright, auspicious, was selected as the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage.


The picture shows Liu Lanfang (Red’s) made the sachet industry, providing employment opportunities for local women. (Information) Zhang Yuchen photo


And before becoming a representative inheritors of Qingyang sachet embroidery skills, Liu Lanfang over the next post, put off a fruit stand, also opened a small restaurant for a living bustling boring life, embroidered sachet is the only bright color.

In 2002, Qingyang sachet held the first China Folk Culture Festival, Liu Lanfang sewn sachet popular. Soon, she went to Shanghai to attend the fair folk culture, the same sachet sold out. Upon his return, she immediately registered company, set foot on the road sachet own.

In order to expand the market, Liu Lanfang carrying a large suitcase, take the train to run the show from different places. And every city, she will visit the folklore experts to find local people to chat, “Everyone from birth to marriage need something?” All the way down, she set about to precipitate the color and shape of the market standards.

Venture past 20 years, Liu Lanfang sachet designed 300 series, a total driving 20,000 women learn embroidery Qingyang, employment income. She has been invited to lecture at Yale University, Boston, USA sachet were a museum collection.

However, before the rise of the Internet has not, Liu Lanfang year have to run 12 cities, by running around the exhibition. “With the Internet later, the first reaction is that I want to catch this train, it can not be eliminated.” In 2010, Liu Lanfang pay big bucks to register a website, but with little success. “Qingyang sachet” after Taobao shop opened, she spent five years training a group of college students to understand the operation of their culture behind the product and familiar.


To further skills and cultural heritage sachet, Liu Lanfang’s eldest daughter Zhang Yuyao years specializing in embroidery, while the younger son Zhang Yuchen responsible business Taobao shop. He graduated from non-heritage management and protection of professional Zhang Yuchen, after taking over Taobao, and actively participate in the activities of official organizations now store monthly sales of five or six million.


The picture shows Liu Lanfang continuous improvement and innovation, to make young people like sachet brooches, earrings sachet. (Information) Zhang Yuchen photo

Small shops, such as a magnet to attract a sachet enthusiasts from around the world: a Beijing resident, 20 years of Qingyang people go to buy 2,000 yuan sachet; a British old ethnic Chinese, single sachet, tiger-head shoes, tiger hat, to give to the family of the newborn baby ……

“The most fun is this summer, the tourism industry to do a Taobao buyers, opened a special Chengdu – Qingyang route, we take visitors to experience the Qingyang sachet production,” Zhang Yuchen said with a smile.

Traditional Qingyang sachet bigger in size, modeling simple, to the young, it is not convenient to wear and use in daily life. For this reason, improved with Zhang Yuchen and embroidery master, the big head crab sachet, a reduced scale, designed as brooches, a sold out the shelves. And in recent years, combined heat Han clothing, they also developed a portable sachet, embroidery earrings, become Chinese clothing lovers “heart love” ……

The picture shows Liu Lanfang (in) daughter and son, have joined the non-left pass Cheng Qingyang sachet. (Information) Zhang Yuchen photo

“In the future, I hope to be like young men wearing jewelry trend, wear our Qingyang sachet.” Zhang Yuchen believe that day will not come too late. (Finish)

Source: China News Network

This year 56-year-old Liu Lanfang, Qingyang sachet has been doing for 48 years. (Information) Zhang Yuchen photo