Amy’s female, even in winter, even in winter, the blessing of the skirt, the elegance and exquisiteness of the long skirt is a beautiful manner. Different designs and different matching can also create different styles, or knowledge or leisure, it exists to make women have more possibilities in the fashion world.


Although the short skirt allows women to show a good figure and legs, only long skirts can present the most gentle side with reference to the following.

Long skirt, secondary, sister

Whether it is single-through or overlay, you need to pay attention to high waist design, because only the waist line can be further modified, thereby achieving the perfect state.

The long skirt will inevitably take a little pressed, so it is more necessary to pay attention to the high effects, add the belt to the middle of the high waist long skirt, not only keep the skirt.

. The playful cute can also modify the bleak of the brown, retro old shoes, due to fresh white, while maintaining the original classic, also brings a bright effect.


If you say that you do the best with the skirt, then a certain non-high heel

. With caramel color such warm tones, the original seemingly attacked pointed shoes have become soft and beautiful. Keep a gentle feature of the long skirt, whether it is a round neck sweater or a pleated long skirt, it can be demonstrated and extraordinary.

Only with the simple color is perfect, it will not live up to the fresh beauty with the purple color.

. The black long skirt seems to be simple, but in the skirt rear, the small shutdown is used to add a woman, and sports shoes become atmospheric.


This set of shape is also the main tone of black and white, but after the gray is added, it will be more abundant.

With the double blessing of high waist and high heels, petite body girls can also drive long skirts


. Using long jackets to form a collision with the inner, the three-dimensional saddle bag becomes more advanced due to the full texture of the leather.

Caramel color as a special color of winter days, is perfect with coats, and the coat seems to be thick. Because of the use of lace long skirts as an inner, while maintaining a lady’s style, it can still be light. White is simple but bright, but it is necessary to add pink and green such fresh colors to have a fashion color.


In daily life, even wearing long skirts, most women will lower a level for fashionable requirements, so the leisure wind has become their preference.

Daily wearing a long skirt holding an atmosphere

The spare sense of the straight skirt will be recognized by the public, not only because of the casual style, more unique is that she is in a slimming effect.


The girls who love beauty even wearing a long skirt, still do not forget to use cotton clothes to keep warm, skin-friendly long skirts are extra comfort, but they need sports shoes that are full of energy.

. Put the colorful scarf in your hand, neither bloated, but also get rich.

Sweats and canvas shoes can be described as the best choice for age, and the loose hooded sweater will become a small sweetheart on the campus.

But this is a flat-free single product is difficult. If it is possible with a caramel color long dress, it will be more feminine, black and the collision effect it produces is extraordinary.


Although the winter cotton coat is warm, it is easy to give people a bloated visual effect after the upper body. If it works with the long skirt, all the thick feelings can weaken.


The lace long dress is not only more layered, but the wonderful embroidery process is not only a serious and attitude of fashion.

Whether it is a loose head sweater or a straight skirt, it is a thinner choice.

When the bat sleeve is in the mete to modify the arm, the straight skirt is to cover the imperfect hip curve, the girl on the pear shape will not be wrong, single and simple white simple, need classic grit, not too much ordinary.