Really elegant women not to pursue over-exposed skin, simple outfit very dignified atmosphere, many female stars, the true Shi, is a clear stream, in the bones of her beauty, temperament is no sound comes out , this time wearing a

Blue silk dress

Debut, will be distributed by their elegance and charm maximum,

Lantern sleeve design


Effectively enhance the overall sense of style,

V-neck cut is also quite a big girl charm


, Then we look at it.

Highlights ①: blue

Blue is very fresh in many colors in one, it has the advantage of fresh air, especially in line with women’s gentle temperament, not so passionate as red, it will not be as black as dull, very suitable for hot summer because it will play a cooling effect on the visual, so that, just choose a solid color single product can make you exude elegance eldest temperament, especially Shi, who this light blue, more elegant atmosphere.

Highlights ②: satin material

This dress was the color of the fabric is that it cleverly integrated into the body in silk satin material, which used to be only the nobility would use fabrics, elegant goddess now increasingly becoming the concave shape of the artifact, it silky touch gloss with a very natural look especially delicate texture, posted a very cool experience will bring the body, dignified and atmosphere.


Highlights ③: hierarchical cut

Now more and more women will have to pursue the level of cut, Shi, this dress version of the type designed to be very simple and the atmosphere, cuffs set a slightly curved lantern sleeve design, to do to tighten the wrist, so that will create a kind of relaxation have déjà vu degrees.


V-neck cut will play the role of modified face, coupled with waist design will outline your waist exquisite has caused, and perfectly split your lower body ratio, the very friendly little man crush.


Years really friendly to Americans, even if Shi, this year has been 34 years old, still looks as good as teenage girls, after wearing this dress, elegant ladies become every minute, filling charming glory.

If you want to wear clothing dignified charm, take a look at Shi Shi style bar, chic and Advanced:

Style one: shirt with

First: with downloading different

Shirt female wardrobe is absolutely essential that outfit advantage of the superior version, cut smooth, demands on the body and not be too high, even minimalist

Pure white shirt

, Can also be demonstrated by downloading a mix of tidal range.

“1 + 1” solid color with a very practical method

, Like Shi, this body look, coat is pure white shirt, with a following on


Earth-colored shorts

Have a certain role against the background color, combined with white it does not seem too obtrusive.

White shirt clever integration

Blue print

After will be more fresh and neat temperament, we can combine with the time “



“Mix of rules, softer texture starched shirt with denim skirts, looks more texture.

Layered ② clever

Shirt worn very stylish, fold wear also not inferior, we can learn from it with the way Liu Shi, the use of


Leather vest

When outside the ride, which will be able to create a rich level, this will smooth leather fabric,

It can be used to create tailored short section of high waist, with a high waist pants even more high.


We can also use

Long shirt + Sling outer skirt

With the way, so that more young girls a sense of the young age of the women was very friendly, by age and youth.


③ chiffon shirt

If you want a more feminine foot a little, it is recommended to try

Chiffon Blouse

Mix it through


Tulle stitching

Together, with a sort of half-effect perspective, you will peeped delicate white skin, we can use

Lantern sleeve

To create a little more clever temperament, this will inject a sense of breathing as a whole, will not make you look too monotonous, and also overly sexy feeling.

Style II: suit small fragrant wind


Small wind

“Is that many female star with the ladies favorite, its advantage lies in the delicate and gorgeous, it will pass

Sophisticated weaving and tweed texture


To create a high-level texture, red and black checkered cleverly integrated effectively adds a British style temperament,

Metal buttons

Embellishment but also for the whole into a natural metallic luster.

If you think to look too garish red, white suit that would be a good choice, it makes you exude cool and beautiful temperament, is aristocratic wardrobe essential.

True simplicity is beautiful and advanced, compared to the cumbersome design, rich layers of simple shapes modern women seem to be more affected by love, all in all, according to Shi, wear, you will not go wrong.

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