MBDA has obtained a SPEAR missile system production contract worth 550 million pounds from the British Ministry of Defense.

A few days ago, MDBA announced that the UK has signed a spear missile production contract worth 550 million pounds.


Many military fans may hear that Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Houss, Thunder, etc., will be more unfamiliar with MDBA (MDBA Missile System), which is a European company, which is a European company, from Airbus, BAE and Italy Leonardo joint venture formation. Specializing in all kinds of missile systems, a more emerging military enterprises.


Meteor missile


Everyone is a little familiar with some meteor missiles is the product of this company.


Why did the UK order for F-35 spear missiles W Jun want to take it out?

This is a 130 km miniature cruise missile. The internal use of turbojet engines are driven.


You can select and carry a variety of different combat to perform the hustle-breaking task on the ground, and can carry the long-term pressing of the radar system to the radar system.

The most important point is that this size is only 1.8 meters, and there is only 180 mm in diameter, and the corresponding weight is 100 kg.

Due to the small size, a combined mount of a fighter can carry up to four spear missiles. This significance is very large, and the installation of small air-raised cruise missiles can not only make the fighters to carry out weapons outside the enemy’s air defense fire circle, but also greatly increase the number of fighters single dispatched hit targets. It is necessary to complete the fighter only after the bomber is ready to launch a larger cruise missile. At the same time, since the missile is small, it is difficult to discover and destroy at 130 kilometers of flight.

In a f-35 bomb, you can accommodate up to 8 cruise missiles and have additional space to continue to load the mid-range empty missile, which is almost all fatal temptations for any F-35 countries.

This is a revolution on military technology. In the premise of our constant pursuit of missile and power, the continuous increase in missiles, this time European military enterprises will develop smaller cruise missiles.